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Benefits of Doing Good For Others: They’re More Powerful Than You Think!

Spreading Good

Benefits of Doing Good For Others: They’re More Powerful Than You Think!

Doing good deeds is not only a great way to care for others, but also yourself! No matter what you’re passionate about, doing good can spread love—both to you and to those around you! And with the world in a period of uncertainty, it is as good a time as ever to spread some positivity! From sharing your time and skills to spreading good to others online, you can easily turn your self-isolation period into a time of doing good deeds.

1. Doing good deeds can increase your self-confidence.

There’s nothing quite like a sense of accomplishment to make you feel better about yourself and your abilities. With volunteer work, a sense of accomplishment can come standard! Your emotional health can greatly benefit from knowing that you’ve contributed to something larger than yourself.

In fact, research by the Mayo Clinic indicates that volunteer work can lower your risk of depression. And these days, it’s easy to volunteer your time without even leaving your house! Connecting with people who aren’t able to leave their homes or making time to video chat with people who could use a friend can be a huge way to give back.

2. Doing good together = making new friends!

With our busy lives, it can be hard to maintain friendships throughout adulthood. But volunteering your time to connect with someone, even over video chat, is a great way to build relationships! And this isn’t just great for finding new friends that share a common interest. It can also help you build a network of people who may be able to help you find professional opportunities in the future or serve as character references for future job applications.

3. Doing good deeds can broaden your perspective.

Sometimes it’s nice to see the world through other people’s eyes, and doing good deeds can help you do just that. Participating in virtual volunteering opportunities like Bookshare, giving your time to others through organizations like Be My Eyes, or giving others a voice through VocaliD can change your view of the world for the better. That’s one benefit of doing good that will stay with you forever!

4. You’ll learn new skills while you volunteer.

You might not get paid for it, but even virtual volunteering is a great opportunity to learn something new! For instance, the Smithsonian Digital Volunteer program lets you transcribe historical documents. Not only are you learning about history, you’re also preserving it for future generations. That’s a win-win!

Do Good at a Paint Studio Near You!

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