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Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All the Moms in Your Life

Deciding what to get mom for Mother’s Day can be extremely tricky. Should you buy her a gift? Make her something? Give her the gift of quality time? While there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, moms usually have one thing in common: they cherish time with their loved ones! So, in the spirit of cherishable memories, here are ten creative gift Mother’s Day gift ideas for all of the moms in your life.

The Best Mother’s Day Gift for Mom

While all moms just want to spend time with their family, giving her a coupon for a free foot rub for the third year in a row may have run its course. This year, spruce up your Mother’s Day gift with an idea that’s both creative and fun to receive for mom.

For Moms of Littles: Host a Talent Show in Her Honor

Invite mom to a talent show in her honor! Kids can get involved in planning this special evening event for mom days ahead of their grand performance. From dance routines and magic acts to singing and skits, kiddos can prepare solo and group performances for their Mother’s Day Talent Show.

There’s plenty to prepare: planning and practicing talent show acts, making mom a homemade program outlining the order of the performances, and preparing snacks and drinks for the guest of honor… there’s a role for every family member!

Make sure to take photos of the event, and if you want to go the extra mile, print a simple photo album documenting mom’s special night. Looking at pictures of this silly evening is sure to bring smiles to her face.

For Moms Who Cherish Quality Time: Coordinate Family Paint Night

One of the most valuable gifts moms can receive is time with her kids. From little ones in diapers to adult children who have lives of their own, moms love to spend quality time with the family she created. This year, organize a family paint night on Mother’s Day and make sure to include every family member!

Can’t be together this year on Mother’s Day? No problem. With Twist at Home virtual paint events, you can pick up the art supplies you need from your local Painting with a Twist location and host a virtual Family Paint Night with loved ones near and far.

For Expecting Moms: Create an At-Home Spa

Sending a mom-to-be to the spa is very relaxing, but it can be incredibly expensive. Plus, she would probably prefer to spend time with you! Pamper mama with an at-home spa experience! She’ll be impressed with your creativity and will love the quality time she’ll get to spend with you.

Start by creating the right atmosphere at home: scented candles, low light, and ambient background music. Offer her a spa drink — cucumber or fruit-infused water — and then let the spa “services” begin! From an organic face mask and hand/foot massages to a more elaborate bubble bath and body scrub, the sky’s the limit with what services you provide for mom-to-be. If you have kids, get them in on the fun! Make sure to spoil this well-deserving mom.

For the Mom Who Loves Romance: Create a Work of Art Together

When it comes to creative Mother’s Day gifts for your wife, spend time creating a unique work of art that you can proudly display in your home. Painting With a Twist offers Twist at Home, a virtual paint-at-home experience that allows for even more one-on-one bonding. Studies show that painting together triggers oxytocin, the “Love Hormone.” Fall even more in love with every stroke of the brush!

Creative Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Not quite sure what to get the matriarch in your family for Mother’s Day? Grandma deserves a thoughtful gift that shows how well you know her, and how much you care about her. Here are some creative gift ideas for Grandma this Mother’s Day.

For Grandmothers Who Have an Interesting Past: Explore Her Genealogy

Knowing where you come from gives a person a sense of identity. Whether Grandma knows a lot or a little about her past, it can be a fun family activity to explore the family tree through an online ancestry, genealogy, or DNA service. Gift Grandma a subscription and become a detective alongside her, exploring and documenting your family history together. Turn your digital subscription into a family scrapbook by printing the articles and pedigree charts you find online and storing them in a binder. Who knows what kind of stories and lineages you may uncover!

For Grandmas Who Adore Their Grandchildren: Celebrate Her Legacy

There’s a special bond between a grandmother and grandchild that can’t be explained. Capture that love by creating a custom piece of jewelry for Grandma that includes all of her grandchildren’s birthstones. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a custom birthstone bracelet, necklace, or ring for your grandmother. Explore maker marketplaces, like Etsy, to find a design that fits your Grandmother’s style and your personal budget.

For Tech-Friendly Grandmas: Host a Virtual Family Gathering

If your Grandma loves texting emojis and posting on her Facebook, coordinate a virtual family gathering for Mother’s Day! With easy-to-use video conferencing technology, it’s easier than ever to bring together family members from near and far to celebrate your favorite mom.

Spice up your Mother’s Day virtual gathering with an easy-to-implement activity, like playing an online group game or participating in a virtual paint night. Including an activity creates a bonding experience and helps you avoid the awkwardness of not knowing how to keep the conversation going during a large virtual gathering.

What to Get Your Mother-in-Law for Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts for your mother-in-law, a thoughtful gift doesn’t require over-the-top planning. Consider these gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day.

For Mothers-in-Law Who Lives Far Away: Mail Her a Flower “Bouquet”

If you have children, have them help pick flowers in your yard or while on a walk in your neighborhood. Press the flowers between the pages of a thick book — make sure to use parchment paper between the pages and the flowers so you don’t stain the book pages. Leave them for about 2 weeks to allow the flowers to dry out. Once you have your beautiful collection of pressed flowers, you can creatively place them in a frame or simply glue them to a card and mail it to your mother-in-law. Ta-da! A mailable bouquet of flowers!

For Sentimental Mothers-in-Law: Design A One-of-a-Kind Photo Calendar

The rise of social media has meant the fall of traditionally printed photos. While digital photos are incredibly convenient when it comes to sharing memories with friends and family, there’s something extra nostalgic about reminiscing over printed photos in your home. This year, spend some time creating a custom photo calendar for mom. You can make a homemade calendar by printing and gluing photos on a large calendar or simply create, customize, and order one online.

For extra creativity points, organize photos from years past that correspond with each month: New Year’s photos for January, Valentine’s Day photos for February, etc. Not only will mom love the walk down memory lane, but she’ll also have a beautiful, useful gift to display at home or at work!

For Mothers-in-Law Who Love to Cook: Decorate a Recipe Binder

If you’re a huge fan of your mother-in-law’s cooking, pay tribute to her recipes by decorating a recipe binder this Mother’s Day! You can use photos of her, decorative quotes, stickers — any craft supply that makes you think of this special lady. If you want to go the extra mile, ask her in advance what recipes she especially likes, and include a print out of those inside the binder!

At the end of the day, mom can’t get enough of the people she loves. Instead of buying mom a one-time gift, why not give her one she’ll cherish for years to come — the memory of spending time with you and the beautiful artwork you’ll both get out of it! Invite her to join a Twist at Home event so you can stay safe at home while enjoying your Mother’s Day bonding together or purchase a gift card for a Mother’s Day do-over paint night later!

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