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13 Festive Ideas That Will Make Your July 4th Party Awesome

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13 Festive Ideas That Will Make Your July 4th Party Awesome

Are you throwing a Fourth of July party this year? Better yet… are you wondering how to throw a Fourth of July party that tops all others? Transform your event from a boring backyard barbecue to the ultimate American celebration! From the food to the decorations, these festive Fourth of July party ideas can help you make your Independence Day party the most patriotic – and memorable – one yet.


1. Set up an over-the-top hot dog & burger bar

Hot dogs and burgers fresh off the grill are the quintessential Fourth of July party food, but this extravaganza deserves more than just ketchup and mustard! Set up a decked out toppings station, with things like caramelized onions, grilled pineapple relish, Sriracha mayonnaise, crispy bacon crumbles, guacamole… even mac n’ cheese!

2. Serve Bomb Pop cocktails and mocktails

You don’t need a degree in mixology to make these easy drinks. Buy a few boxes of Bomb Pops or any other red, white, and blue popsicles, as well as a variety of your favorite sparkling beverages. For the boozy version, champagne or prosecco works well. For a nonalcoholic version, just use sparkling water or a clear soda. Place the popsicles in glasses, fill with your beverage of choice, and you’re done! Serve alongside these other yummy (and low-cal!) cocktails.

3. Keep things light with red, white, and blue fruit skewers

In between the loaded hot dogs, potato chips, and your other decadent holiday fare, it’s nice to squeeze in a healthy option. Grab a pack of wooden skewers (bonus points if they’re red, white, or blue!) and load them up with strawberry slices, blueberries, and banana chunks. This sweet snack is easy and patriotic!

4. Send your friends home with S’mores party favors

If you’re one of those hosts who hates sending guests home empty-handed, mini S’mores kits are an easy DIY and a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Just put mini chocolate bars, graham crackers, and a fluffy marshmallow in a clear goody bag, and tie it closed with red and blue ribbon.

Party Games

5. Craft a balloon American flag dart game

This party game takes a bit of time to set up, but the end result is worth it! If you have a white pegboard, that works great for this craft. Otherwise, a large foam board works just fine. Put different prizes (think candy or dollar bills!) into red, blue, and white balloons – you can estimate how many inflated balloons you need based on the size of your board. Then, attach the inflated, goodie-filled balloons to the board and have your guests play a patriotic game of darts.

6. Delight your young (and young at heart) guests with a squirt gun station

You can usually count on sky-high temperatures for outdoor summer parties, and a squirt gun fight is the perfect way for kiddos to cool down. Grab several cheap water guns from local discount stores and toss them in a tub of ice. Just a head’s up: the more Bomb Pop cocktails consumed, the more rambunctious the squirt gun fight gets.

7. Challenge partygoers to a giant game of festive Tic-tac-toe

Create an oversized Tic-tac-toe board on your lawn using either strands of rope or white spray paint. Create several large Xs and Os out of thick cardboard, or pick up some wooden letters at your local craft store. Then, sit back and watch everyone’s competitive side come out!


8. Paint your lawn with red, white, and blue stars

Give your yard a star-spangled makeover by covering it with red, white, and blue stars! Create a large star stencil using a piece of cardboard, and then paint scattered stars across your lawn with spray paint. Let your yard art dry, and voila!

9. Repurpose your Christmas lights and make your venue sparkle

You don’t need to spend a fortune on Fourth of July party decorations to make your party space feel special. One of the easiest ways to make your party shine as bright as the fireworks is by hanging strings of white Christmas lights. You don’t have to spend a dime, and your space will instantly feel cozy and festive.

10. Deck out your tables with red, white, and blue flower centerpieces

But don’t worry about hunting down red, white, and blue flowers. Purchase white flowers, and place them in glass vases or bowls filled with water. Then, simply add red food coloring to some of the vases, blue food coloring to others, and leave a few clear. You’ve instantly got red, white, and blue floral arrangements!


11. Create a DIY patriotic photo wall

Everyone loves a good photo op. Give your guests the perfect place to pose by creating a photo wall, complete with a basket of fun patriotic props. One of the easiest ways to craft a photo wall is with a white flat sheet and some fabric paint. Paint your design (you can’t go wrong with an American flag or fireworks) and suspend your sheet somewhere that guests can snap a pic. Place a basket nearby, complete with things like star sunglasses, America-themed feather boas, and all things ‘MERICA.

12. Host a festive 4th of July painting event

Not up to hosting at your house or looking to find something totally new to do? Host a private 4th of July paint party at Painting with a Twist! Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to spend the holiday at our studio, sipping on their beverage of choice while painting a masterpiece with step-by-step instructions. Bring the guests and the USA-themed snacks, and we’ll handle everything else.

13. Don’t forget the sparklers (complete with custom DIY sparkler packs)

Is it possible to celebrate the 4th of July without sparklers? Stock up on the handheld fireworks and pass them out to your guests when the sun goes down. If you’re really the hostess with the mostest, you can even put them in themed sparkler sleeves, like these free printable options from Minted.

Save yourself from the after-party cleanup by booking a private paint party at your local Painting with a Twist! Bring your most festive food and beverages and any guests you want to share them with. Then, choose from our library of patriotic-themed paintings. We’ll provide the space and all the supplies you need to paint your own tribute to America!

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