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Fun Social Outings to Get the Girls Back Together

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Fun Social Outings to Get the Girls Back Together

You know those friendships that can withstand whatever life throws at them? The kind where, no matter how much time has passed since you were last together, you can always pick up exactly where you left off? Friends like those are some of life’s greatest gifts!

True friends understand that a hectic schedule doesn’t have to damage your friendship, and maybe you have no problem going months — or even years — without seeing each other. But still: time spent together is irreplaceable. Isn’t it time you got everyone together for an overdue girls’ outing? Check out some of our favorite girls’ day out ideas and get ready for a day full of laughter and memory-making!

Cheap Girls’ Day Out Ideas

Go for a drive.

Sometimes, we don’t have to do anything in particular. It can be refreshing just to enjoy the company of a friend or two. For local friends, jump in the car and drive around for a while. Check out the newest neighborhoods, drive to a nearby town to window shop, or just follow a scenic route and enjoy the time to catch up.

Have a picnic.

Restaurants? Who needs ‘em? Not you! Pack a picnic lunch and meet up at a local park (or her backyard) for a wonderful girls’ outing on the cheap. During warmer months, change things up from a traditional lunchtime picnic and beat the heat with a breakfast or dinner time picnic. If it’s cold out, send your kids and significant others to one friend’s house, and have an indoor picnic (in peace!) at someone else’s home. Don’t forget dessert!

Find a sweet discount on a local activity.

With platforms like LivingSocial, Groupon, or Gametime, you can often snag deeply discounted rates from local businesses for services or activities. Depending on where you live, you could find anything from spa deals to escape room tickets.

Go thrifting… with a twist.

You could grab a drink like any other weekend. Or, you could spice up your Friday girls’ night out and make some hilarious memories with the help of your local thrift store! Assign each friend to buy an outfit for another friend in your group, and set a small spending limit (say, $5-10). The more outrageous, the better! If you’re feeling extraordinarily brave, wear your outfits to your favorite dinner spot. You’ve probably heard of this idea for a creative date night, but why shouldn’t you and your girls enjoy some thrift store fun, too? Take plenty of selfies!

Hands-On Activities for a Ladies’ Get Together

Take a class.

Trying something new can help get you out of a rut or a mental slump, and trying something new with friends can boost your benefits even more! Take a kickboxing class to blow off some steam, or try your hand at painting — with wine, of course — for an easygoing, no-stress girls’ outing.

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Go on a hike.

Lots of fun girls’ day out activities require careful planning, but there’s one thing that you can do nearly any time — take a hike! When the weather is beautiful, find a new trail at a local park (or find an indoor track during colder weather!) and spend a few hours moving your body and nourishing your soul with a good friend and a healthy dose of sunshine.

Play a sport.

You don’t have to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy some friendly competition. Whether you like tennis, soccer, or softball, a casual game is a perfect idea for an active girls’ outing. You and your ladies will get in a workout, too!

Creative and Fun Outings for Women

Don’t settle for the same old girls’ day out ideas over and over! Whether you prefer a fancy Friday girls’ night out or a casual daytime outing, Painting with a Twist is your go-to for your next ladies’ get-together. Reconnect and relax with a ladies’ paint night in our laidback studio environment. Bring your favorite wine, your best stories, and your closest girlfriends, and we’ll take care of the rest! Book a private event for you and your friends or join an existing one at your local Painting with a Twist today.

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