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Easy & Memorable Back to School Gifts for Remote Teachers

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Easy & Memorable Back to School Gifts for Remote Teachers

It may be hard to believe, but it’s already time for kids across the country to start preparing for a new school year. But as more students participate in distance learning this year, things might feel a bit different than you’re used to. And though they’re not in a physical classroom, teachers still deserve the same amount of recognition for all their hard work! In the midst of so many new guidelines to navigate, showing your remote teachers how much you care can really go a long way.

Easy Back to School Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are heroes — for parents and kids alike! But no matter how grateful we feel for them, it can be tricky to find the right way to express our appreciation. The following are some memorable gift ideas for teachers that combine practical and personal elements the recipient will love!

Gifts for first time teachers.

The first year of teaching is arguably the most challenging, so even the smallest gesture might mean a lot to someone in this role. Some good gift ideas for new teachers include an iced coffee tumbler to keep them fueled during the day, a nice bottle of wine to help them unwind in the evening, or a day spa gift card for an even deeper level of stress relief.

Gifts for kindergarten teachers.

Like all educators, kindergarten teachers work hard and can feel tired after a full day. A gift centered around comfort and relaxation would be quite welcomed! Items like an essential oil set, a weighted blanket or soft throw, or some cozy socks or slippers are great ways to help your teacher find calm and balance throughout the school year.

Gifts for English teachers.

English teachers are all about the written word, so why not incorporate a fun literary quote or personalized monogram into their gift? Whether you want to customize stationary paper, wall calendars, tote bags, or notebooks, there are plenty of online resources to help you add a thoughtful touch to an otherwise ordinary item.

Gifts for high school teachers.

High school teachers typically spend a lot of time reading essays and grading papers, so consider giving them something to spruce up their desk space. A cute succulent, a stylish desk organizer, or even a new desk chair would all make good gifts for teachers in high school to use in either their classroom or home office setup.

Gifts with DIY flair.

Sometimes, the most cherished gifts teachers receive are those made by their students. A homemade gift could look any number of ways, but some affordable options are a hand painted vase filled with fresh flowers, a gift basket filled with themed goodies (at-home spa day or Saturday movie night), or an original framed artwork to show off. Since every DIY gift is one of a kind, anything you make will be inherently special and meaningful.

Gifts for the teacher who has everything.

For educators who’ve been in their field a long time, it may seem like they already have everything they need. In that case, you could go the route of funny back to school gifts for teachers who’ve seen it all. Try a gift card to a smoothie shop with a note wishing them a ‘smooth’ school year. Or, if you want to err on the side of sincere rather than silly, you could also make a donation in their name to a local cause or organization, like a neighborhood food bank or animal shelter.

It’s the Thought That Counts!

Teachers are incredible people who deserve to feel seen and valued, and giving a gift at the start of the year is an awesome way to show you care. If your district has transitioned to distance learning, you can drop your present off at the school for your teacher to pick up, or you could always send a virtual gift card via email.

And if you really want to make a lasting impression, what better way than to create a handmade painting just for them! Join a Twist at Home event or head over to your local Painting with a Twist to get started on your back-to-school that’s truly one of a kind!

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