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Host the Ultimate Painting Party in Your Backyard

You’ve been looking for a way to take a load off lately. Between work, family, and your own personal to-do list, it is definitely time for a break! And when it comes to letting loose, you know that there’s nothing better than calling up your friends, popping a few bottles of wine, and enjoying some of that refreshing summer air by hosting a painting party in your backyard!

You can see it now. Unflattering, gut-busting laughter, wine glasses filled to the brim, and the most amazing paintings your yard has ever seen. So choose a date, rally your party crew, and use these simple tips to plan the perfect DIY backyard paint party!

Bring Out the Games

Although your painting event will mostly consist of wine and masterpieces, keep a few additional activities stashed away in your back pocket. Plan activities that get the squad up and active by incorporating traditional outdoor games like Cornhole, giant Jenga, or outdoor Twister.

If you prefer more laid-back options, try board games or party game apps. You could even go the Never Have I Ever/Truth or Dare route. The best part — many of these options are flexible and can be played inside in case of bad weather.

The Ultimate Playlist

What kind of music couples best with your wine and paint? No one knows your squad better than you! Make a playlist that channels your besties’ inner backup dancers or indulge your nostalgia with songs from those crazy college days. Or, maybe the music you select will calm the space with rejuvenating energy. Once your playlist is golden perfection, connect to a speaker and let the wine do the rest.

Wine. Lots of Wine.

Speaking of wine… these great backyard party ideas seem pointless without it! Go to your favorite wine spot and stock up on all of your friends’ favorites. Cab, Pinot, Sangria — the options are endless! And if you have a friend that isn’t quite into the wine scene, throw in some fun and easy cocktails, virgin daiquiris, or sparkling grape juice so they feel included.

Don’t Forget the Food

Backyard painting parties may not necessarily be major food events. Especially since your hands will be busy with wine and paint. But simple foods like baked goods, fruit and veggie trays, and fancy meat and cheese plates can elevate your party without the stress of cooking a meal.

If you want to go even further, though, assign your friends a food from each meal group (appetizer, main, dessert, etc.) and have a potluck. Getting food catered from your favorite restaurant is also a great idea, but whatever you decide, don’t forget to grab food coverings so pests don’t raid the feast before you do.

backyard party

Cleaning Corner

Make sure to have trash bins readily accessible and a place or table to put dirty dishes as the night goes on. Trash can compile pretty quickly at a party, so prepare your space ahead of time, and your future self will thank you!

Prepare the Yard

Arguably, the most important step when planning any large or small backyard party is grooming the yard. You want to make sure your friends aren’t trekking through the wilderness just to enjoy the party. So, mow your lawn, trim the shrubs, and clean any outdoor furniture.

Lighting and Shade

What time of day will your paint and twist take place? The crew needs to know! If your backyard paint and twist party is planned for the evening, you may not need to focus as much on shade. Instead, add lighting if you don’t already have it.

Thankfully, lighting can pose as its own set of decorations, so get creative! Illuminate your yard with simple accessories such as; solar lights, fairy lights (in mason jars if that’s your jam), a transferable fire pit, or kill two birds with one stone by decorating your yard with citronella torches to keep the pests away and get some killer ambience.

If the event is planned during earlier hours, ditch the lighting and pay more attention to shade. Open the awning, provide hand-held fans, or spread umbrellas throughout the yard so your guests have a place to go if the heat becomes overbearing.

Take a Seat

Next, you need to determine if you’re using that infallible lawn set or going the casual route with decorative quilts or blankets. The choice is yours, but make sure everyone has a seat, and be sure to grab table covers if you choose the former.

Plan for Rain

There are two options when bad weather threatens to rain on your parade. You can carefully craft a Plan B or completely ignore any attempt by mother nature to ruin the fun. If you’d prefer tuning out the rain, prepare ahead of time by tying tarps to the trees and posts in your backyard. Or, organize the perfect escape by planning additional indoor activities, and make sure you have a checklist of things for everyone to grab before heading inside.

Dress to Paint

If one thing’s for sure at your painting party, you know you’ll be painting! So, tell your guests to bring aprons ahead of time. An even better idea is to have them wear clothes they don’t mind getting a bit messy. Once the paint gets on your clothes, it’s pretty tough to get it out! It’s a good idea to not wear your best attire.

Painting Extras

You’re almost ready for your ultimate backyard painting party! All that’s left now are a few small items you may want to consider before the big day. Mini-easels are easy to find and a great way to elevate your painting experience. With our Take Home Twist Kits, you won’t need to worry about the canvas, paint brushes, or paint. However, we do recommend grabbing napkins, water cups, and paper plates for mixing. All of which can double for your food and beverage set-up. Aren’t you resourceful!

Now that you know how to host the ultimate backyard paint party, it’s time to schedule your event! Choose a Twist at Home event from a Painting with a Twist studio near you or we can ship the painting supplies to everyone on your guest list for you! And with our expansive library of paintings, you’re sure to find a fun and easy painting that everyone at your painting party will have a blast creating!

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