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3 Fun Ideas for A Zodiac-Themed Birthday Party

From Cancer-inspired crabcakes to “Party Like a Scorpio” banners and balloons— throwing an astrology birthday party for yourself or your horoscope-obsessed loved one is sure to be a perfectly aligned affair! Celebrate your friends, yourself, and the stars with these zodiac-themed birthday party ideas!

1. Horoscope-Inspired Birthday Party

A horoscope predicts a person’s future based on the strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits associated with their star sign. Each zodiac is characterized by an element such as water or fire, a symbol, and a creature or item (i.e., centaur for Sagittarius and ram for Aries). So, play up these cool features of the zodiac with a horoscope-themed birthday party.

Amp Up the Feng Shui

A harmonious feng shui can truly tie your horoscope-inspired party together — from zodiac wine glasses and charms to horoscope decorated tableware, banners, and balloons. But with all the zodiac swag and accessories out there, it’s easy to get a little carried away. Organize your search by ensuring all of your decor and accessories fit into a single color scheme for a beautiful, seamless finish. 

Astrology Party Games and Activities 

Your guests may not know all 12 or 13 zodiac signs and dates (depending on which horoscope theory you subscribe to), but your party is a great place to learn! Play zodiac-themed charades and have the partygoers act out four qualities associated with their star signs. Whoever guesses the most signs correctly wins! And if you’re feeling a little risqué, hire a psychic or tarot card reader to shake things up. Surely the cards align with your weekly horoscope.

Capricornucopia Menu

Channel the elements associated with each horoscope to create a spread fit for any zodiac sign. Get spicy food options for fire signs like baked cream cheese jalapeno poppers and spicy guacamole. For Earth signs, choose true-to-nature options such as a meat charcuterie board or a fruit and veggie platter. Air can be categorized with light and airy dishes such as a fluffy key lime pie or meringue shells with lemon curd. And finally, represent the water element with food right out of the sea with toasted seaweed chips and lemon garlic salmon. 

2. Constellation Birthday Party

Pay homage to the planets and stars with a constellation-themed birthday party. From ethereal decor that will leave your guests feeling like they’ve stepped into a new universe to snacks and beverages so delicious, it’ll bring them back down to Earth. 

Stellar Decor

The universe is jam-packed with stars, planets, asteroids, dark matter, and beautiful celestial energy. Replicate the universe with clever lighting and dark hues of blues, purples, and silvers for a truly otherworldly aesthetic. 

  • Deck your home with fairy lights to put your guests in mind of the stars. Use mason jars, lanterns, staircases, or even wrap them around branches in your backyard for a truly stellar feel.  
  • Set-up a black light in major party areas to emphasize the beautiful, neverending nature of the universe.
  • Use fluorescent, white paint to draw each constellation on large, dark blue fabric. Then, hang it up in your central party space. 
  • Get galaxy tableware of your choice, and decorate your dining room set. Use galactic-inspired treats and snacks to finish off the look.

Cosmos Snacks and Treats

You’ll want your snacks and food to be out of this world, so why not bake cosmos-inspired cakes, cookies, pretzels, and even Galaxy Cheesecake Tarte? Use dark bases for your baked goods, such as midnight blue icings and creams, and dress them up to match the constellations for the perfect cosmos-inspired treats. 

Astral Activities

Many activities could take your cosmos party to the next level. Try backyard stargazing if you live somewhere far from obstructive city lights. Print out each zodiac constellation and have your guests find their own cluster of stars in the night sky. If you stay in the city, order a Twist at Home Paint Kit dedicated to galactic artwork to inspire and materialize your own constellations at any time of day. 

3. Painting With a Twist Galactic Private Event

Although hosting an event can be both rewarding and exciting, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming — finding the perfect decor, making baked goods, and even cleaning up the mess after the party has ended can all be a chore. 

Instead, book a galactic painting and astrology-themed private party event at Painting with a Twist, and spend your evening sipping, painting, and actually enjoying the party! Select a painting studio, choose the date, time, and painting of your choice, send us a guest list, and show up ready to enjoy a good time. You’ll plan the perfect party all while avoiding the stress of hosting. It’s a total win-win! 

galaxy painting

Don’t Forget Your Zodiac-Themed Party Cocktails!

Prepare cocktail drinks and bring them to the private party! For the perfect zodiac spin, create beverages that can be cleverly associated with the star sign of you or your guest of honor. Think two-toned drinks such as a layered strawberry mango margarita or a Tequila Sunrise for a Gemini’s tiered personality. Go the straightforward and no-nonsense route with Pear Spritzers for a Virgo. And if you have a loyal and true Capricorn in your corner, go traditional with a tasty sangria recipe

Whether you’re celebrating the planets that rule your zodiac sign or organizing an event for a fellow horoscope lunartic, Painting with a Twist can help you host the perfect astrology-themed party! Choose a painting event at your local studio, and embark upon an adventure that’s out of this world. 

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