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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas The Whole Girl Squad Will Love

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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas The Whole Girl Squad Will Love

When it comes to planning a bachelorette party for the bride-to-be, you might think it’s necessary to throw a wild party and spend tons of money. But you can break that stereotype and still have a fun bachelorette party with these unique party ideas the whole “I Do” crew will love!

1. Host an Art + Wine Party

Aside from the tiaras and beads, glamourize your bachelorette party by creating your very own custom piece of art! Center your party around quality time, private memories together, and beautiful take-home favors for the guests (don’t forget the bride’s favorite beverage, of course!) Is the I Do Crew spread all over the country? Host a virtual bachelorette party with our At-Home Paint Kits. We’ll give you everything you need to have fun and get creative!

2. Go Camping

Looking for a retreat the whole bridal party will love? Book a camping trip! Get away from the hustle and grind of daily life, and give your crew the chance to bond in the great outdoors, share stories over a campfire, pop some bubbly, and, of course, roast s’mores!

Camping doesn’t have to be sleeping bags and small tents. Go all out by glamping with nice blow-up mattresses, some mattress toppers, faux-fur blankets, and some battery-powered mood lighting to set a little campsite ambience.

3. Party At Home

Looking for low-key bachelorette party ideas? Start with some bachelorette party ideas at home, like decorating the space, inviting your favorite friends, planning a meal together, and making a playlist of your favorite songs. To add even more fun to your at-home bachelorette party, include a virtual event on the itinerary! Painting With A Twist makes it easy to bring the fun of the studio to your space.

4. Start Early

Rather than begin the itinerary with late-night bars and clubs, start with some bride tribe bonding early in the day. Grab breakfast together, have a picnic in your local park, or opt for something more adventurous — like white water rafting! After all, quality time doesn’t need to wait until after nightfall. Your bachelorette party can be fun any time of the day.

5. Book a Private Event

Unlike rowdy bars, a private party can allow for personal elements for both the bride and her crew. From unconventional partiers to bachelorette traditionalists, private parties give your crew the chance to keep things personal and intimate while still having a great time! Personalize your private party around the bride’s favorite activity. Choose your favorite art, music, wine, and foods to include at your private party. Then, let loose, have fun, and make some lasting memories!

Are you looking to host the perfect private bachelorette party but are in need of a venue? Your local Painting with a Twist studio has your back! Schedule your private bachelorette paint and sip party, bring your favorite beverages and snacks, and let a Painting with a Twist artist-entertainer lead you through the creation of your custom artwork. And that beautiful painting you make at your private painting party is yours to keep, so the party will live on in your home long after the tiaras and party beads have come off.

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