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Fun Arts & Crafts Projects to Help Boost Your Child’s Creative Skills

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Fun Arts & Crafts Projects to Help Boost Your Child’s Creative Skills

According to the at AACAP, kids ages 8-12 spend around four to six hours per day in front of a screen. While online learning is great, too much screen time can take away from other healthy activities. When it comes to helping your kids develop their creative skills and interact directly with the world around them, nothing beats good old-fashioned arts and crafts! Check out these arts and crafts projects you can do right at home to help boost your child’s inner creativity.

Feed the Birds

According to Harvard Medical School, getting outside is a great way to teach your child to appreciate nature, boost their mood, improve their executive functions, and help them socialize. Building a bird feeder is a great, cheap arts and crafts idea for kids. With just a few items, they can reap all the benefits of being outdoors while also learning about the wildlife in your area. To help attract these beautiful creatures to your garden, all you’ll need is:

A bagel


Peanut butter


To create your crafty bird feeder, cut the bagel in half, spread the inside with peanut butter, and then dip in the birdseed. Next, string a piece of yarn through the bagel’s center, and voila! You’ve got your very own feeder. Venture out into the garden with your child, find a fence post or tree branch to hang it from, and then watch as the birds flock to your garden.

Learn about American History

History is a crucial part of any child’s education, and this project is a low-mess way to supplement your at-home American history lessons. With just a few simple items that are on almost any arts and crafts supply list, you and your kid can create your very own American flag. You’ll need:

A sheet of paper

White crayons

Masking tape


Place your paper in landscape orientation, and draw a pencil outline of a square in the top left corner — this is where you’ll place the blue field of stars. Next, take your white crayon and press hard within your square to create each star.

Lay your masking tape in horizontal lines across your paper to create the white stripes of your flag. Use blue watercolors to paint within the square outline on top of your white crayon stars, and use red to paint between your masking tape. Let it dry, and then remove the tape.

You now have your very own American flag! Get your child to write the pledge of allegiance on the back to complete the lesson, and hang it up in your home classroom.

Get Familiar with the Globe

If you’re looking for a fun homeschool idea that lets your kids get a bit messy and learn about the world, a paper maché globe might be just the thing. Check out The Crafty Classroom’s guide to putting your globe together. You’ll just need a few things to help your child learn about the oceans and continents:

A paper maché recipe


Mixing bowl



Incorporate this homeschool art class idea into your next geography lesson, and keep it in the home classroom to refer to anytime you learn about a new country or culture.

Painting with a Twist At-Home Painting Event

As a parent, planning arts and crafts to help with your child’s development may be a fun way to engage in their education. But sometimes, you might want to have a project that’s fully planned and ready to go.

If you’re looking for an easy, at-home arts and crafts project you can do with the kids, purchase a Twist at Home kit. Pick up all the supplies you and your little one need to get craft right at home! Choose your Twist at Home art from your local Painting with a Twist studio, and get ready to paint!

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