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Sweet Family Outing Ideas to Make Memories With Your Kids

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Sweet Family Outing Ideas to Make Memories With Your Kids

They’ll always be your kids, but they won’t be young forever. If it’s been too long since you’ve hung out as a family, then it’s time to get everyone out of their rooms and off their devices! Start making lasting memories with these family outing ideas that are sure to be fun for the entire family.

Make Every Activity More Memorable

Engage your senses

To better remember precious moments with your little ones, take a mental minute to log each of your senses. Hone in on your children’s laughter as they sprint across the lawn. Remember the sweet smell of blossoming flowers around you. And relish in the warm breeze across your skin. This not only helps your brain hold onto the details of precious family moments, but it can also help you become more immersed in the enjoyment of each activity!

Aim for stress-free fun

Family outing ideas can have so many moving pieces that they risk becoming stressful experiences. Aim for stress-free fun by getting pre-packaged activities, simplifying your play, or letting someone else plan the day for you! Museums, children’s science centers, and libraries all have amazing activity calendars that allow parents to take a backseat on planning and a front seat in the enjoyment.

Put down your phone

The temptation to check notifications, take pictures, and record videos can make family time a little overwhelming and take the magic out of memory-making. Remember to put down your phone, enjoy yourself, and savor each moment as it happens!

Choose brand new activities

The pressure to choose successful family activities can sometimes bring you back to the same ‘ole ideas. Spice it up! Get input from your kids and create their favorite childhood memories with some creative collaboration. Making memories together can be simple with input from your little ones.

Family-Friendly Activities to Consider

Get into nature

Whether it’s a hike, a picnic, walking the dog, or splashing in mud puddles, getting into nature is a simple family outing idea to connect and unwind. Being in nature can help to reduce stress, anger, and tension while increasing pleasant feelings. With your newfound relaxation, it’ll become easier to get back to basics and find small moments to treasure — like looking at leaves, climbing trees, or watching clouds.

Sweeten the moment

Allow your memory-making to reach others! Bring your kiddos to simple but enjoyable destinations like your favorite coffee shop. While you sip your morning brew, have them make small drawings or write little good luck fortunes and hand them out to the baristas and fellow patrons. You’ll walk away feeling recharged, and your creativity will have spread into your community!

Luck of the draw

Plan ahead by creating a family folder of activity ideas tucked into envelopes. If any activity has a particular restriction — like hours of operation or cost of entry — note this on the outside of the envelope. This will help you confirm whether the idea works for you before the excitement of the unveiling.

Then, rest easy knowing your entire summer of fun is already planned for you. Let your littles pull an envelope when you have free time as a family, and let the indoor activities, movie nights, cookie bake-offs, and dance-offs commence!

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