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4 Affordable Ways to Design Your Own DIY Cocktail Bar

Have you always dreamed of having your own at-home cocktail bar? Awesome news! Creating this swanky addition to your space doesn’t have to be as expensive as it seems. There are plenty of affordable ways to design and stock your very own DIY cocktail bar. With these tips, you’ll have your own cocktail bar up and running just in time for summer fun — no liquor license required!

Extend Your Space

If your interior design is already exactly how you like it, we recommend using what you already have. Take a look around — furniture pieces that you currently own can likely become multifunctional.

Bookshelves, armoires, and other forms of shelving can double as a place to display the contents of your bar. With a few festive coasters, a DIY bar table for party occasions can be pulled out for happy hour on a whim! By being extra intentional about your space, you can extend and transform its possibilities for those magical impromptu moments.

Invest in Bar Accessories

Bring the bar to you by investing in classy (and helpful) bar accessories. Professional bar equipment like shakers, stirrers, and elegant bottle openers will help you to execute high-end craft cocktails at home with style.

Using glass containers is another way to elevate your at-home cocktail bar. Transform your liquor cabinet into a dreamy destination by treating yourself to crystal tumblers, wine glasses, and delicate decanters. If you’re cautious about the price tags of these sophisticated accessories, these items can also be found in secondhand shops!

sangria in wine glasses

Add Atmosphere

When planning out your DIY cocktail bar for party gatherings, don’t forget the decorations! One of the biggest appeals of any bar is its atmosphere. Deck out your DIY bar for party events with beautiful art, soft lighting, fresh flowers, or anything that brings a sense of ambiance. By attending a Painting with a Twist event, you can even learn to create your unique art to hang up at home!

Remember — the atmosphere is as essential to a bar as its cocktail menu. So, when deciding on which low-cal cocktails and bar snacks to feature, pay attention to the overall look and feel as well!

Go Vintage

If you’re into interior design, you know that vintage elements are all the rage. Although there are many eras to draw inspiration from, a mid-century modern theme is a safe bet when designing your at-home bar. In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, having a cocktail set-up at home was totally in style!

Incorporating mid-century modern style into your space will give your home an adorably retro and functional feel. The best part about this design choice? You can easily implement inexpensive secondhand pieces! Peruse your local thrift stores or browse online for vintage bar carts, rattan cabinets, colorful stools, and more. You may even want to try a tiki spin on your DIY drink bar! How cute!

Enjoy Painting With A Twist — At Home!

Painting with a Twist offers tons of fun classes at a variety of convenient locations. But did you know that you can also opt for a Painting with a Twist paint party at home! Summer calls for fun nights in with friends. So what better way to break in your new bar than with a Painting with a Twist party? All you’ll need to do is call your crew, shake up some sunset sangria or spritzers, and set the vibe! Cheers to that!

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