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How to Plan a Bachelorette Party During Peak Wedding Season

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How to Plan a Bachelorette Party During Peak Wedding Season

The day has come — your best gal pal is getting hitched! She’s planned a beautiful summer wedding, but now, you’re stuck planning a bachelorette party during one of the busiest seasons of the year! If you’re feeling some party-planning jitters, just follow this simple how-to guide for organizing the ultimate bachelorette party.

1. Find the Best Date

Are you new to the party planning world? Or maybe you’ve just never been the one calling the shots for such a big event. If that’s the case, settling on the perfect date and time may be your first concern. Thankfully, there are no rules set in stone.

How much time you have available before the wedding, your bride-to-be’s busy schedule, and what works for the crew are all very real factors. However, we recommend organizing the bachelorette party for one to two months before the wedding. This can help to keep your bride from feeling overwhelmed and overbooked prior to the big day.

2. Organize the Guest List

Before you can find the perfect location and event for celebrating your bride-to-be, there’s the guest list to consider. Without a group count, booking the proper accommodations and activities may become difficult — especially during peak wedding season. So, prioritize getting this list and reaching out to each attendee to extend an invitation.

3. Figure Out Where to Celebrate the Bride-to-Be

Every bride has her own idea of a good time. Some are excitable party animals, while others prefer relaxation and leisure over boozy nights out. Luckily, just as there are many personality types, there are also a huge variety of activities to match!


Maybe the bride is an outdoorsy girl who deserves a little extra glam. In which case, visiting a glamping site could leave her beaming with joy! Take the bride and her “I do crew” camping and enjoy a weekend in nature — with the added perk of air conditioning and plumbing, of course!

Slumber Party

It’s not every day that your bride has the entire crew gathered in one place. So what better time than now to throw an old-school slumber party? Decorate the space and bring on the bubbly, pajamas, karaoke, and rom-coms! Whether you choose to throw the event at your own house or have everyone pitch in for a rental, this could be the perfect blend of party and wind down!

Want to spice up your slumber party? Order Twist at Home paint kits for the girl squad, and keep your paintings as memorabilia for your awesomely executed event.

Spa Day

After planning every last wedding detail, surely your favorite bride-to-be could use some extra TLC. Treat her and the crew to a day at the spa! From massages and saunas to manicures and skin treatments, there are plenty of self-care opportunities to be had at an all-inclusive spa. Taking advantage of this relaxing time together could really put your bride-to-be at ease before the big day.

Night on the Town

Maybe the bride could use a night out on the town. And you wouldn’t want to disappoint! Start the night with a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant, and then stop by your local Painting with a Twist studio for a bachelorette party paint night! Painting and sipping is a great way to bond and celebrate your bride’s upcoming trip down the aisle.

Organize a Tentative Schedule

Now that you know the highlights of the bachelorette party, it’s time to consider the details. Where will you sleep? What time will the various events take place? How will you get from point A to point B? Organize a flexible schedule that allows for a little downtime to avoid any gaps during your bride-to-be’s celebratory day or weekend.

Book Your Accommodations

All of the activities are planned, and now it’s time to set them in stone! Book reservations for meals, lodging, and transportation, so you don’t encounter any unnecessary surprises the day of. Peak wedding season can be hectic, so you’ll want to make these arrangements as far in advance as possible.

Let Painting with a Twist Host Your “I Do” Crew

Are you ready to win party planner of the year? Book your bachelorette bash at a Painting with a Twist studio in your city! Our BYOB painting studios can host your whole “I do” crew. Just bring your beverages and attendees, and we’ll provide all the painting supplies you need for the ultimate bachelorette party event!

Bachelorette Party!

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