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How to Make Your Pet Go Viral for National Pet Photo Day!

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How to Make Your Pet Go Viral for National Pet Photo Day!

Did you know that having a pet can make you happier? Studies show that petting and playing with your furry friend decreases stress and increases oxytocin levels in your brain. It doesn’t matter if you have a lap dog, a chinchilla, a guinea pig, or a pygmy goat — pets bring you joy no matter their shape, size, or species! So why not celebrate your special creature on National Pet Photo Day on July 11? Spread the joy your pet brings to your life by sharing a photo of them on social media. Here are a few tips on how you can make your pet go viral on #NationalPetPhotoDay!

Let a hashtag inspire your photo.

Of course, you’ll want to include the hashtag #NationalPetPhotoDay in your post. But to really get inspired — and to increase your chances of going viral — consider the following popular hashtags for a bit of creative direction!


People love a good adoption story on social media! Share your pet’s rescue story and include images from the day you adopted them. And don’t forget to post a recent photo of the two of you together — cue the waterworks!


Who can resist a precious pet nose? Take a close-up photo of your pet’s snout to share. Better yet, record yourself booping their nose and catch their reaction on video.


This hilarious hashtag works well for just about any kind of pet. Whether you have a big goofball dog or an itty-bitty, smiley hedgehog, tiny hats on animals can amuse anyone. Make your own tiny hat or purchase one online. Speaking of outfitting your pet…

Dress them up.

Can we all agree that there’s nothing cuter than an animal in clothing? If your pet doesn’t exactly have its own wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to improvise. Take a look at the items you have at home — sunglasses, hats, and scarves — and let your inner fashion designer take over. Simplicity is key, and remember: if you find your pet extremely resistant to dressing up, don’t force it. Keep the purpose of Pet Photo Day in mind: to celebrate the JOY of having your pet. Try not to make them miserable in the process!

Highlight their best feature.

What feature immediately comes to mind when you think about your pet? Do they have giant ears? Are they a unique color? Is there a heart-shaped mark on their back? Snap a photo of the trait that stands out the most and post it to social media.

Paint their portrait.

If getting your high-energy pup or flighty bird-pal to stand still for the camera isn’t going over too well, why not celebrate this memorable holiday by painting your pet instead? Rather than going through all of the fuss of getting the perfect shot on camera, visit your local Painting with a Twist studio and book one of our awesome Paint Your Pet events (great for holiday gifts and birthday celebrations, too!). You don’t have to be a professional artist to create a unique work of art. The Paint Your Pet process is simple: sign up for a class, email a photo of your pet, and show up for an evening of fun! You’ll walk away with your pet in a painting to display at home and on social media.

No matter what you decide to post on social media for #NationalPetPhotoDay, remember that every day is a great day to celebrate your pet!

Paint your pet!
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