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Night Owl Adventures Await! 9 Late Night Activity Ideas

Tonight, rather than wasting precious time lounging on the sofa with your partner or polishing off that bottle of Merlot, it’s time to plan a fun late-night adventure! Some businesses may be closed, but don’t let that stop you from having a remarkable evening! Check out this list of late-night adventure ideas for you, your partner, and your closest friends.

Fun Things To Do By Yourself At Night

You’re home alone, and you’re not quite ready to head off to bed. If you feel like doing something other than binge-watching your favorite tv show (again), use this list to inspire your solo night at home!

Treat Yourself

Take this time to treat yourself with dinner and dessert! Get in the kitchen and whip up some pan-seared filet mignon, eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce, or even an entire cake — no sharing required! Turn up your favorite music as you cook, and dance your way through the kitchen before deep diving into your favorite meal. Enjoy every tune, flavor, and moment as you revel in this satisfying food therapy experience.

Spa Night At Home

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing self-care evening? Imitate the most lavish spas around by dimming the lights, playing soft, soothing music, and spoiling yourself with rejuvenating teas and rituals. Pop on a face mask and unwind by soaking your tired feet in bath salts. Run a warm bath while reading your favorite romance novel. And seal the deal with a full mani-pedi right in your own personal retreat and spa!

Practice A Hobby

It’s not often you find yourself with this much uninterrupted free time. So, why not make an evening of trying out that new hobby you’ve been putting off? Arts and crafts are always a great option. Whether you’re a seasoned painter or are picking up a brush for the first time, a Twist-at-Home Paint Kit makes for an excellent night of creativity.

Fun Things To Do With Friends Late At Night

Life can get busy, and sometimes friendships can get put on the back burner — but not tonight! Call up your best gal pals and take advantage of this rare moment of freedom by doing one (or all) of the activities below.

Game Night

Break out the snacks, low-cal cocktails, and classic board games because it’s game night! Let yourselves go back to the days when your biggest battle in life was sinking one another’s ship. Any game is up for grabs — including card games, board games, and video games — so you’re sure to be entertained the whole night through!

If you’re looking to get out of the house for this activity, join a Painting with a Twist Trivia event! You and your crew can pop open your wine of choice, compete for “trivia diva of the year,” and bring home a themed painting in honor of your girl’s night out.

Karaoke Night

You don’t have to be great singers to have fun with karaoke! In fact, the worst singers tend to make karaoke nights more entertaining. Play the classics everyone is sure to know, belt out out-of-tune melodies, and let the music move you to a dance or karaoke party.

Girls’ Night Out

Every now and then, life calls for an overdue girls’ night out. But maybe going out to bars or your typical restaurant for dinner doesn’t sound as enticing as it used to. If you’d rather “wine” down in your comfiest gear instead of heading out on the town, bring your crew and your favorite sips to one of our girls’ night-out events at Painting with a Twist!

Girl's Night Art

Late Night Ideas For Couples

Up for something a bit more engaging than the typical movie and dinner date? Make your late-night evening one for the books by using this list for inspiration.

Go Stargazing

You don’t always have to get fancy to make lasting memories with your significant other. Sometimes the best activities are the simplest — and cheapest — ones. Find the nearest wide-open field or park and bring your partner stargazing! Pack a constellation chart and enjoy a spontaneous evening of finding your zodiacs in the stars. Little moments like these are bound to make for some of the grandest memories!

Double Date Night

As much as you adore spending alone time with your S.O, sometimes it’s good to see fresh faces! Planning an adventurous double date with your favorite couple can be the perfect answer to livening up your late-night mood. Spend the evening painting and sipping at a couples paint event and cap the evening off by taking them to your favorite late-night dinner hot spot!

Cook Dinner Together

A couple that cooks together stays together, so start the night by finding the perfect date-night recipe and picking up the necessary ingredients from your local grocery store. Once you have everything you need, set the mood by putting on some sweet tunes as you start whipping up that delicious dish! No rush. No one to impress. Just the two of you in the kitchen, making mouth-watering meals and rom-com-worthy memories

Paint the Night Away at Painting with a Twist

Whether you’re looking for adventures with friends, your partner, or on your own, Painting with a Twist is the perfect late-night activity! Book girl’s night, couples night, or trivia night events at your local Painting with a Twist studio, but don’t forget to tip the babysitter a little something extra!

Late Night Art
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