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8 Creative Ways to Show Gratitude This Year

Are you looking for unique and creative ways to express gratitude this year? The holiday season is the perfect time to share your appreciation for those who’ve made a positive impact in your life. From composing handwritten letters to cooking someone’s favorite meal, doing good deeds for others can spread more merriment and holiday cheer than you might imagine.

1. Share Specific, One-of-a-Kind Details

Whether you want to express your thanks for a friend’s help or a family member’s kindness, telling them in person or over the phone is a small gesture that can make a huge impact — especially if you go out of your way to share specifics.

All too often, people feel unsure if they’ve really made a difference. But if you make a point to divulge these one-of-a-kind details in person (like what you learned from them or how they brightened your day), you’re sure to leave a lasting, heartfelt impression on the recipient.

2. Compose a Handwritten Letter

If sharing vulnerable sentiments in person makes you nervous, there are also ways to express gratitude in writing. In fact, many people find that they can more accurately articulate their feelings and thoughts when they put pen to paper. You’ll have a chance to say exactly what’s on your mind and heart without interruption.

Take the extra step to source nice stationary. Then, compose a handwritten note that says all the things you’ve been meaning to say but have kept to yourself for too long.

3. Ship a Surprise Care Package

When was the last time you received a surprise care package in the mail from somebody you love? If you’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of such a delivery, you know just how heartwarming that experience can be.

Share gratitude with your best friend or a long-distance relative by boxing up some homemade sweets, at-home spa goodies, or games and puzzles they can enjoy on a lazy afternoon. Not only will they savor the contents of the package, but they’ll also enjoy the thrill of receiving an unexpected surprise.

4. Gift Them an Original Piece of Artwork

One of the most personal ways to express gratitude to someone is by gifting them with an original work of art you’ve given your own time and energy to. On top of being an opportunity to explore your artistic talents, this is a chance to create custom artwork that the recipient can hang in their home.

To provide them with this gift, join a painting event at your local Painting with a Twist studio. There, you can have a great time making wonderful new memories and a standout token of appreciation.

5. Find a Book That Says It for You

Are there any books that have changed your life in some capacity, from teaching you a new skill to opening up your perspective on the world? Or perhaps you’ve read something that served as a source of encouragement and inspiration at a time you really needed it?

A fantastic way to express gratitude in words (that doesn’t require you to write your own) is to give someone a book that sparks curiosity or piques their interest. Books can be a terrific extension of your gratitude and something that can be revisited over and over again.

6. Cook Their Favorite Meal

Few things are more nourishing than a home-cooked meal, but even more so when the cooking is done by someone we love.

Whether you’re preparing a dish for a mentor or a friend who feels like family, try to find out their favorite foods (or ingredients to avoid). Then, whip up something delicious for them to enjoy. Consider sticking around after you drop off the meal to offer extra words of ‘thanks’ while you’re face-to-face.

7. Show Up with Acts of Service

Small acts of service can go a long way in helping someone feel loved, seen, and appreciated. And while this suggestion can be interpreted a thousand different ways, some great examples include: buying coffee for a coworker who’s been putting in extra hours, offering to babysit for your neighbor who needs an afternoon off, or mowing the lawn for your extended family while they’re away on vacation.

However you choose to show up, acts of service are always an indication of gratitude and can make a world of difference to the giftee.

8. Treat Them to a Night Out

When you don’t have time for a handmade gift but still want to share gratitude for someone special, treating them to a night out is an excellent option.

Would the recipient love to attend that local concert they’ve been raving about? Or maybe they’d prefer a calming evening at a yoga studio? Whatever you choose, know that the gift of experience is a lovely way to express appreciation for all they’ve done. And the best part is, you get to join them for this memorable outing, too!

Express Your Gratitude at Painting with a Twist

Have you found the best way to express gratitude to that special person? Of course you have! Book an event at Painting with a Twist as a meaningful token of appreciation. You can even opt for personalized events like Paint Your Pet or Trivia Night to ensure your gift is something of importance to the giftee! Sign up today, and say ‘thanks’ with a fun and creative approach.

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