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The Best Aesthetic Gifts for Your Beauty-Obsessed Loved One

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to find the perfect gift for the aesthetically obsessed person on your list! From lush slippers to spa kits, we’ve gathered some of this season’s must-have presents. Give the gift of luxury with this aesthetic guide.

1. Decadent Candles

Treat your friend to soothing aromas and a relaxing atmosphere this season. Luxury scented candles not only smell nice, but they can be a perfect addition to your giftee’s home decor. And if you want to find a quality candle quickly, try out stores like Anthropologie and Etsy. Their limited selection of high-end candles will be simple to sort through. Plus, you can pick up other gifts and goodies along the way!

2. Lush Slippers

Who said slippers couldn’t be fashion-forward? The hot item on everyone’s lists this season is a new rendition of an age-old gift — open-toed fuzzy slippers with outdoor-ready tread. Say goodbye to house slippers; these are ready to take the dogs out and grab the mail!

3. A Trendy Gold Necklace

Chunky, paper clip, layered — you can’t go wrong with this well-loved gift option. A trendy gold necklace will pair perfectly with all of your friend’s holiday outfits and will instantly update their look! After all, chic gold necklaces have always been the little black dress of jewelry.

4. A Custom Painting

Perhaps your giftee’s home is curated to perfection, but they’re always on the prowl for the next brilliant piece of art décor. Help take your aesthetic loved one’s living space to the next level by gifting an experience at Painting with a Twist! Whether they’re obsessed with paint pour art or are enamored with their insta-worthy pet, there’s something for everyone at your local studio.

5. Lux Travel Set

Traveling is inevitable this time of year, so help make it enjoyable for your aesthetic loved one. Whether you decide to purchase a store-bought travel set or plan to craft one of your own, make sure it includes a color-coordinated blanket, eye mask, and mini pillow. With this gift, long treks by car or plane will be a lot more relaxing (and way more lux for your beloved giftee)!

6. Classic Notebook

A classic notebook makes a great gift for any artistically inclined friend. Make sure to purchase a notebook size that’s easy to throw in a bag. That way, all your favorite creative’s brilliant thoughts or sketches have a place to land whenever the mood strikes.

Pair the notebook of your choice with a quality matching pen and magnetic bookmark set for the ultimate DIY Christmas kit. And even when this gift isn’t being used, it’ll be a pretty addition to their coffee table or desk!

7. Curated Coffee Mug

There’s something truly special about having a coffee cup that’s got your name on it (literally and figuratively). And fortunately, there’s a mug tailored to almost every personality, style, and profession.

Consider your giftee’s hobbies and passions before making your final curated mug purchase. Do they like dogs or cats? There’s a mug for that. Are they a teacher or an accountant? There are mugs for them too! Play with your options, and make this the best gift yet.

8. Dreamy Pajama Set

Chilly winter nights call for a good pair of pajamas. Opt for satin if the gift recipient runs warm at night and flannel if they tend to get cold. Go with a classic color and pair it with some festive socks to create a lux care package. Your giftee will be dreaming of sugar plums in no time!

9. DIY Spa Kit

Almost everyone enjoys a relaxing day at the spa. So what better way to encourage this indulgence than by giving your pal an aesthetic gift DIY style. A homemade spa kit is sure to please, and your giftee will enjoy luxuriating their way through the stress of the holidays.

Not sure what to add to your DIY spa kit? Check out these ideas:

  • Bath bomb(s)
  • A travel-sized candle
  • Sheet face mask(s)
  • Body cream
  • Lip balm
  • A mason jar with scented Epsom salt
  • Mini nail polish set

10. Wine Sulfite Filter

Every wine enthusiast has had their share of boozy hangovers. Help remedy this by gifting them with a trendy sulfite filter that they’re sure to use year-round. You’ll ensure they feel a little better after holiday-inspired drinking and add a little spice to their kitchen decor.

Get Aesthetic at Painting with a Twist

Looking for more aesthetic DIY gift ideas? Why not let your loved one create their own aesthetic décor? Painting with a Twist offers Open Studio events that allow you and anyone else who joins to create their own unique piece of art. Book an Open Studio event at your local Painting with a Twist today!

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