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4 Tips for Post-Christmas Decorating

Even when Santa Claus has come and gone, your Christmas decor remains. While the Christmas season may be coming to a close, winter isn’t over! So, don’t box up your Christmas decor quite yet. With a few tweaks and additions, you can transform your home into a tasteful winter wonderland. Here are four tips that can help you transition from Christmas decor to winter decor.

1. Remove the Red in Favor of Winter-Inspired Hues

Do you tend to stick with traditional red and green decor? Or, perhaps you embrace the whimsy of color. Either way, paring back on bold colors is the best way to take your existing decor from Christmas to winter.

The traditional red and green color combo is synonymous with Christmas, and a bold and brightly-hued colorful Christmas display won’t do the trick once the New Year hits.

To transition your decor from Christmas to winter, begin by removing the bulk of your red Christmas decorations. Then, start removing any other vibrant colors.

In their place, incorporate color schemes that are closer to your typical year-round decor. Opt for a winter-inspired color palette that emphasizes soft neutrals, winter whites, and metallics. Sprinkle in accents of deep green, pale blue, or a light pink tone. Doing so will help your winter decor blend in more seamlessly with your “all-season” interior style.

Don’t forget to switch up your outdoor decorations! You’ll want to spruce up your front and back porch, too.

2. Add a Touch of Nature with Greenery

The winter months following the holiday season bring fresh snowfall — and bare trees. Combat the lack of vibrancy outdoors and liven up your living space with touches of nature-inspired decor.

This is one of the best post-Christmas decorating ideas because you can use many of the Christmas decorations you already own. You can add a touch of life to your home with your existing garland, bottle brush trees, and wreaths — so long as they aren’t overly embellished.

From bohemian to traditional, winter greenery has its place in any interior style. Tweak your greenery to create a space that’s all your own! Create a ski chalet vibe by incorporating pinecones, chestnuts, birch accents, and even crisp white and green florals. Mix and match greenery, metallics, and wood elements to create tablescapes, centerpieces, vignettes, and window dressings. Consider using flocking spray or faux snow to add a seasonally appropriate snow-kissed touch.

If you’re a plant lover, Norfolk Island pines, Paperwhite Zivas, Christmas cactus, and rosemary can all be grown indoors over the winter months.

3. Create Cozy with Hygge Inspired Decor

Fending off the post-holiday blues? Growing weary of chilly, dark evenings? Take a note or two from the Danes and hygge-ify your home! Hygge inspired details can help you create a warm and cozy atmosphere perfect for slowing down and appreciating this calmer, cooler season of life.

Start by brightening up your space. String up soft-white Christmas lights or delicate fairy lights to create a softly lit glow. Adorn bookshelves, end tables, and even windowsills with faux candles to add a feeling of warmth. Or, place candlesticks in metallic candle holders to create a luxurious feel.

Then, create a lounge area perfect for sipping hot cocoa or indulging in a movie marathon! Layer on white pillows, chunky cable knit blankets, faux fur throws, or wool blankets. In chilly months, the more blankets the merrier.

4. DIY Your Own Winter Decor at Painting with a Twist

Don’t forget to add a winter touch to your walls. From watercolor landscapes to artful photographs of snow-covered cityscapes, there’s plenty of gorgeous winter-inspired wall art to choose from!

But, there’s no winter artwork piece more meaningful than the one you create in the company of friends or family. Thankfully, Painting with a Twist makes it easy to create your own inspiring winter-themed artwork! Find a winter-themed event at your nearby studio and drop in to create your very own work of winter art. Bring your creativity, and we’ll handle the rest!

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