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Art Spotlight: Magical Moon Paintings

Art Spotlights

Art Spotlight: Magical Moon Paintings

We as people obsessed with the Moon and the night sky. Why wouldn’t we be though? It’s our own personal satellite. The Moon is gorgeous in every shape – whether a big glowing ball in the night sky or a silver crescent of delicate, shining light. We delight in the moon’s reflection across a lake or the ocean… Or use the Moon’s glow to cloak our nighttime adventures when the city lights hide in the far distance. We cuddle up underneath it with a glass of wine and our loved ones, letting our hands float above our heads so our fingers can trace  constellations in the sky. The Moon lies affectionately in the background for most of our memories. All of these reasons explain why Moon paintings are so popular in the Painting with a Twist studios. As a result, we can’t get enough Moon paintings, can you? 

“Aspen Moon”

Aspen Moon

This is a new addition of Moon art to our library. It was inspired by two other paintings in the art library called “Graffiti Aspens” and “Copper Moonrise.” There’s something about those flicks of metallic copper against that warm blue that really make this painting magical. It was painted by an artist at Painting with a Twist Colorado Springs, CO – Downtown. Customers interested in “Aspen Moon”can find the event here.

“Magical Flight”

Magical Flight

Well, this inspires some dreamy feelings, doesn’t it? This new Moon painting is fresh from Painting with a Twist Lafayette, IN. It stirs the imagination to take flight amidst fluffy clouds, dipping and swirling into their frothy tops before coming face to face with a brilliant and beautiful full moon. Join the adventure and paint the moon. Find this event by clicking here.

“Wicked Moonlight”

Wicked Moonlight

Talk about a crowd favorite amongst Painting with a Twist paintings. We love that pop of color against the striking moonlight. Imagine this, hanging proudly in your home. Did you know you can customize it by choosing any color you want to paint? “Wicked Moonlight” was inspired by another Moon painting called “Blue Moon” and came to us from Painting with a Twist Knoxville, TN –  Farragut. Find this event by clicking here.

“Twilight Wishes”

Twilight Wishes

This painting is a curly, whirly take on “Wicked Moonlight.” Both of these would be sensational additions to any household – and just in time for Halloween. This Moon painting was created at Painting with a Twist North Little Rock, Arkansas. The artist was inspired by the twisted branches of a weeping willow tree.  Unwind with a glass of merlot and a paintbrush. Customers can find “Twilight Wishes” by clicking here

“To the Moon and Back”

To the Moon and Back

Here is one of the sweetest Moon paintings and absolutely perfect for baby. It’s a prime example of saving the best for last.  First of all, there’s really nothing more sentimental than painting a precious painting for your little one. This painting is from Painting with a Twist Charlotte, NC. Most noteworthy, the artist who painted this says she did so for the most important reason a person can have to paint anything at all: She loves the moon. Find “To the Moon and Back” by clicking here.

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