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8 Social Activities To Do Before the End of Summer

Although autumn will be here before we know it, there are still plenty of summer days left to enjoy! If you haven’t done as much this season as you would’ve liked, don’t panic — we’ve rounded up a number of ways you can celebrate the end of summer before it slips away!

8 of the best late summer activities

The end of summer can be a bit bittersweet, but the best remedy for those melancholy feelings is to make the most of the remaining days. So, pull out your calendar, call up your friends, and check out these end of summer tips to help you maximize the weeks ahead.

1. Host a cookout for family and friends

Not only are cookouts synonymous with summer, but activities centered around good food and good community are always a hit! Even if you’ve already hosted a cookout this season, consider squeezing in one more before the leaves start to change. Take this opportunity to try out some end-of-summer grilling recipes or a new side dish you’ve been meaning to make, and have your family and friends over for a memorable evening.

2. Throw a themed cocktail party

Themed parties can be a lot of fun, and themed cocktail parties can definitely kick things up a notch — so why not invite a few people over for a special happy hour! If you need a little inspiration for end-of-summer cocktail party ideas, a tiki or tropical theme is a classic; check online for fruity drink recipes like Mai Tais and Hurricanes, and be sure to stick a tiny umbrella in everyone’s glass for extra flair.

poolside cocktails

3. Soak up some sun by the water

Whether you live near a big body of water or have access to a community pool, try and soak up some sunshine before we wave goodbye to summer. One of the things we miss most during the fall and winter months is relaxing in the sun and cooling off in the water. So, before the season comes to a close, grab your friends and your sunscreen, and enjoy the warmth.

4. Watch an outdoor movie

Watching an outdoor movie at the local drive-in is a great summer activity the whole family will love. It’s arguably a cozier setup than a traditional theater, and you can even pack your own snacks to munch on!

If you don’t have a drive-in nearby, it’s still possible to have the same effect in your own yard. Spread out blankets on the lawn, and project your favorite movie onto the side of your house for a DIY movie night under the stars.

5. Have a painting party with your girlfriends

Socializing with your girlfriends is one of the best ways to spend a night out, and a painting party is a really fun and easy get together for the end of summer. The team at Painting with a Twist will take care of all the details while you sip on a glass of wine and explore your creative potential. Whether you make something to hang in your own home or to give to a loved one, painting is an incredibly soothing way to close out the season.

6. Look for somewhere new to bike or hike

When you’d prefer something a little more active, you can spend a Saturday tackling new terrain. With just a short drive out of the city, you’re likely to find ample trails or paved paths to explore. Since the colder months typically see us spending more hours inside, now’s the time to take advantage of the weather as much as you can — so dust off your bike or your hiking shoes, and get into the great outdoors.

7. Have a backyard camping adventure

Are you struggling to come up with end-of-summer party ideas for kids? You might not need to look further than your own backyard! Creating a backyard campsite lets you make amazing memories right at home and can be a lot of fun at any age. Enhance the evening by playing lawn games, building a bonfire, making s’mores, and naming constellations while the choir of insects sing you to sleep.

8. Take a weekend road trip

If you’re looking to get away before the school year begins or you start a new routine, hitting the road with your best pals might be just the thing. Whether you plan a specific route or make impulse decisions on which direction to go, a proper road trip should leave room for a bit of spontaneity, as well as plenty of stops to take photos and commemorate that time together.

End Your Summer On a Creative Note!

The countdown to the end of summer is upon us, but there’s still opportunities to savor the season. From cookouts to cocktail parties to lounging by the pool, there are tons of ways to have fun before autumn arrives! And if you’re looking to socialize while also tapping into your creative side, make sure to sign up for a painting event at a Painting with a Twist near you!

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