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Spring Into the Season with These Entertaining Kids Camp Ideas


Spring Into the Season with These Entertaining Kids Camp Ideas

Spring break is a highly anticipated time for students and teachers alike. However, all of that excitement can wear off pretty quick for your kids if they have nothing to do! Stop the boredom before it starts by enrolling your kids in specialized spring camps!

Kids camps help create a space for learning and new experiences without feeling like a stuffy school environment. Enroll your child in a spring break camp, class, or course that matches their interests, and everyone wins! Here are a few ideas for spring break camps for kids.

Sports Camps

Does your household include an athlete-in-training? If your kiddo is into sports, you’ll definitely want to make plans in advance for outdoor activities. That way, once spring break hits, they’ll be able to spring into a schedule of athletic events!

Week-long sports camps and part-time intramural teams can be found all over the country. In addition, if your child doesn’t belong to a full-time sports team or league, now might be a good time to take a look around! For a day of sports fun, you can even organize a pop-up tournament in your own neighborhood. Springtime brings plenty of outdoor activity options!

Educational Camps

School may be out for spring break, but that doesn’t mean learning has to stop! Consider registering your child in an educational spring camp for kids. There are many different online camps that specialize in educational skills. For example, kid-friendly STEM courses and camps impart cutting-edge knowledge on coding and computer science. Queue up one of these camps for spring break, and you can introduce your child to a new subject that may not be offered at their school.

Kids Camp with a Twist

Painting with a Twist has the perfect solution for your stir-crazy kiddo. Sign your child up for a Painting with a Twist Kids Camp, and they’ll come home with new skills in painting plus a creation all their own! While they’re there, they’ll be able to enjoy delicious snacks, fun music, new friends, and be guided through the painting process by one of our fun studio instructors.

Painting with a Twist’s Kids Camps are great for kids of all ages and can range from one-day events to week-long workshops. Each event features its own uniquely awesome project! These spring break camps for kids fill up fast, so make sure you reserve your spot before school lets out.

At Painting with a Twist, everyone is an artist! Enroll your child in one of Painting with a Twist’s Kids Camp options, and they’re sure to come home a happy camper!

kids camp

And psst, while you’re signing up your kiddo, be sure to check out our other events to help YOU unwind. Rekindle your love at a date night event, bond with coworkers for happy hour or team building events, and have fun times with friends. Whether you’re looking for a camp for kids or just something to do with the whole family, Painting with a Twist has a wide variety of event options for everyone.

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