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Simple DIYs

Put Yourself First with a DIY Self-Care Kit

From gratitude journals and DIY lip scrubs to homemade scented soaps, you can create and personalize your very own self-love experience with a DIY self-care kit! Taking the time to make one yourself is an excellent way to compile the things that are most important to you. Reduce stress and increase joy by making time for you with these tips for creating a self-care box.

What is a DIY Self-Care Kit?

A DIY self-care kit is a box filled with comforting items and activities that help you relax, feel good, and find peace on an otherwise busy day. Making your own self-care box is a great way to practice patience and kindness towards yourself — even if it’s only for a few minutes each day. Practicing self-love can help boost your physical health, improve your emotional health, and even make you a better caregiver.

Things to Put in a Self Care Kit

While your self-care kit will be unique to you, there are a few broad categories that you might want to include. However, these are just self-care box ideas — feel free to add whatever you find most nourishing to your own mind, body, and spirit.

Bath and Beauty Items

Because the physical impacts of stress and overwork are often the ones we notice first, including things that reduce and alleviate physical ailments can pave the way for a calmer state of mind. Get comfortable with cozy slippers and a luxuriously soft robe to set the scene for a few hours of self-care.

You might want to include some DIY bath bombs or a DIY foot soak in your kit to relieve muscle pain and sore feet. If your skin is what suffers most when you’re under stress, consider including a soothing face mask, a DIY sugar scrub, or a DIY lip scrub to restore a healthy glow.

Calming Food and Drink

Another self-care idea: letting yourself indulge in your favorite foods and drinks. Include your most beloved bar of chocolate or bottle of wine, and enjoy these luxuries without guilt. Maybe you favor hot chocolate, gourmet coffee, or a relaxing herbal tea. No matter your preference, including a little something for your tastebuds can go a long way toward restoring a more joyful you.

Mindfulness Aids

Including items in your self-care box to restore and heal your body is a key first step toward physical relaxation. But don’t forget to add things that can help you maintain that newfound calm by restoring your mind and spirit. Sensory items, such as your favorite scented candle, a white noise machine, or a playlist of relaxing songs, can set the stage for a calmer mental state.

If you find solace in the written word, include a journal and some colorful pens to capture the things you’re grateful for on paper. A great book is also an excellent item to include, as it can provide a mental escape from daily worries.

Get Calm at Painting with a Twist

Loving yourself doesn’t end with a DIY self-care kit. Make time for you by joining a Zen Collection Painting with a Twist event at your local studio for an enriching and relaxing experience. We’ll provide the supplies, music, and calming atmosphere. All you need to bring is yourself and some stellar positive energy!

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