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How to Plan the Perfect Picnic for Two

Doing something out of the norm for your partner is a great way to bond and connect. And what better way to say, “I love you just because…” than by organizing a sunny, summery picnic you can both enjoy? Learn how to plan a stellar picnic date with these creative ideas and tips.

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic Basket

Find the Perfect Basket

When planning a romantic picnic for two, your first priority will likely be selecting the picnic basket itself! Pick up an old-school wicker basket from your local vintage market, or grab a reusable tote if you’re short on time.

When picnicking in warmer weather, consider bringing an insulated cooler to keep your food and refreshments cold. If you don’t have one on hand, tucking a few frozen water bottles into your picnic basket makes for an excellent alternative. Not only will the frozen bottles take the place of freezer packs, but once melted, they’ll provide a refreshing beverage for your sunny day out.

Plan the Menu

With food, you’ll want to steer clear of sack lunches, and instead, opt for curated, easy to snack on dishes, like a nice cheese plate or charcuterie board. Think cured meats, fancy cheeses, a selection of crackers, and olives or dried fruit. This classic picnic go-to allows you to incorporate a variety of flavors, pairs well with your favorite wines, and sets the stage for an amorous outing with your boo or beau!

Pack the Essentials

Pack dining essentials like plates, cutlery, napkins, stemless glasses, a wine opener, and a chilled bottle of wine or sangria. While fresh flowers are totally optional, they’ll wow your partner and compliment your food and beverage spread.

When figuring out how to plan a romantic picnic in the park, creating a rom-com-worthy ambiance is only the first step. Pack a large blanket to stretch out on, as well as some bug spray, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. While the last three don’t scream romance, they will make your outing more comfortable in the long run.

How to Plan a Romantic Picnic in the Evening

Picnics aren’t just for afternoon enjoyment! In fact, going al fresco with a late-night picnic can prove even more romantic! The sights and sounds of dusk, the cool evening air, and an optimal location can all make for the perfect outing with your S.O.

Drive out to a romantic destination or lookout point and watch the sunset as you dine on your favorite foods. Follow the tips listed above to pack your basket, but also add in a candle or flashlight for easy navigation. You’ll also want to take a sizable throw blanket along for dining, wining, and stargazing.

How to Plan a Romantic Picnic at Home

Who says you have to leave the house to picnic? Yes, you can have a romantic picnic indoors! Picnicking at home means you’re not limited to bringing along small plates. Instead, order in from an upscale restaurant, or get in the kitchen and whip something up with your partner. To create the picnic vibe, place a blanket and pillows on the floor, light candles (or the fireplace!), and enjoy a blissful evening.

But if you and your beau like the idea of adding some additional at-home date night activities to your romantic event, go for it! The key to an amorous evening is choosing activities that allow you to connect with your partner — so refrain from screen time! Instead, unplug, get creative, and sprinkle in some artistic expression!

A Twist at Home Paint Kit is a great way to add some flair and spice to your at-home picnic date. We’ll provide all the necessary materials so that you and your partner can let your creative spirits run wild. Are you ready to try something new? Order a kit from your local Painting with a Twist studio, and get ready to embrace a unique and meaningful experience with your significant other!

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