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7 Fun Family Activities for Labor Day Weekend

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7 Fun Family Activities for Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and you need fun ideas for the family — STAT! Since this holiday often marks the end of a warm and exciting summer, you’ll want to make the last hurrah extra memorable. From road trips to picnics, there are tons of fun Labor Day family ideas. Check out this list, and get inspired!

1. Take a Quick Road Trip

While a three-day weekend may not allow for a cross-country road trip, the best Labor Day trips can often be a little closer to home. Choose a neighboring city or state you want to explore, and rope in the kiddos when planning the routes and must-see excursions. Then, pack your bags, create the perfect playlist, and get out on the open road for some serious family bonding time.

2. Score Big on Seasonal Sales

Who doesn’t love a good shopping spree — especially one chock-full of back-to-school promotions and seasonal deals? Bringing home new clothes or shiny electronics is something everyone in your family can enjoy. So, round up those classroom essentials and fall-weather staples when getting out for this exciting Labor Day weekend activity.

3. Attend a Family Paint Event

Labor Day is often centered around spending quality time with family — which means doing your best to avoid on-screen distractions. A great way to implement this is by getting your family canvas-deep at a Painting with a Twist studio.

From kids painting events to family paint nights, joining the world of fun art (not fine art!) is an easy way to have family fun on Labor day weekend. Not only will your kiddos expand their creativity and try something new, but their phones and tablets will be the furthest things from their minds.

4. Have a Backyard Movie Night

A backyard movie is a fantastic cost-saving alternative to taking your entire family to the theater. By getting outside, you’ll put a creative spin on standard family movie nights and enjoy the crisp, warm weather of early September. Fashion a makeshift backdrop using a clean bed sheet, add comfortable seating (lawn chairs, blankets, floor cushions, etc.), and snuggle up for the ultimate backyard movie experience.

5. Go for an Afternoon Swim

In many places, Labor Day weekend marks the final days of open public pools. So, apply a little SPF, grab the floaties, and enjoy the last swim day of the season! In the event area pools have already closed, you can also look for a lake, river, or another natural body of water to hang out in for the afternoon. The idea here is just to splash around with your kids wherever you can.

6. Pack a Yummy Picnic Lunch

A picnic lunch provides all kinds of fun and can be super affordable at the same time. Slice up some fruits and veggies, make a few PB&Js, and toss in a few of your kiddos’ favorite beverages. Whether you picnic on your lawn or find a cute spot at a nearby park, having a picnic lunch is a wonderful, laid-back way for everyone to fill up on good food and great feelings.

7. Relax with a Game Night

Who says you have to leave your house for entertainment? It’s often those cozy nights at home that make for the best memories. Gather family-favorite snacks, pull out the board games, and take in all the laughter and light-hearted competition that comes from a few rounds of Uno and Monopoly. And if you’d rather steer clear of winner-centric games, puzzles are a great alternative.

Celebrate Labor Day at Painting with a Twist

With these Labor Day weekend activities at your disposal, your family is sure to have three days full of fun and cherished memories. And remember, when you book a Family Paint Event at Painting with a Twist, you’re guaranteed a fantastic outing for your entire family. Register for an event today, and see why easel time is the new screen time!

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