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6 Sorority Team Building Bonding Activities


6 Sorority Team Building Bonding Activities

Your sisterhood is a sacred thing, and you want to do everything you can to build it up and keep it strong. That’s where team-building activities come in! These kinds of exercises and activities can help build trust, establish deeper bonds, and bring your sisterhood closer — all while having a fun time!

Whether you need a rejuvenating get-together for your sisterhood’s hard-working leadership team or are looking for creative team-building ideas for your whole sorority, we’ve got your back. Check out these ideas for sisterhood activities to help you bond and connect like never before.

Sorority Bonding Activities for Your Next Sisterhood Gathering

1. Create a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Sorority team-building games don’t have to be limited to trust walks and ice breaker games. Think outside the box with a photo scavenger hunt. Divide everyone into teams, then put together a list of obscure items for sisters to find or goofy pictures to stage at different landmarks around campus. The team that gets the most items and photos on the list within the time limit wins! Make your scavenger hunt prompts kooky and ridiculous to encourage memories and laughs, and give an awesome prize (like a coffee shop or restaurant gift card) to each member of the winning team.

2. Build Something

There’s no better way to build camaraderie than to physically BUILD something together! When you need sorority sister bonding activities that are sure to get a good laugh, hold a construction contest. Encourage your sisters to build the tallest structure or longest bridge using outlandish materials, like marshmallows and pretzel sticks or newspaper, LEGOs, and tape. Then, divide everyone into teams, and set a time limit. Whoever has the biggest, sturdiest structure at the end wins!

3. Host a Game Night

When it comes to sorority bonding games, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Host a game night for your sisterhood, and ask sisters to bring their favorite board or card games (Cards Against Humanity is great for groups!). Draw names to see who plays together first. Then have your sisters rotate to different areas, so they spend time with various groups of people throughout the night.

4. Put on a Talent Show

Need sorority team building bonding activities that can double as a fundraiser? Put on a talent show! Sisters can enter as individuals or groups, and you can sell tickets to friends to raise money for your philanthropy. Sisters can cheer each other on, and you’ll all be working together for a good cause.

5. Get Outdoors with a Sorority Sister Field Day

Sisterhood activities don’t have to be expensive or elaborate to be fun! Host a fun day for sisters on a budget with an outdoor field day. Include sorority team-building games and relays, like a sack race, water balloon toss, and wheelbarrow race. Weather won’t allow for an outdoor field day? That’s okay! Opt for classic Greek life games like team bingo or trivia to encourage sisters to mingle and make memories.

6. Throw a Paint and Sip Party

Getting crafty and creating something with your hands is always a great team-building and bonding activity! There’s just something about putting forth a little physical effort that can bring your entire sisterhood closer together. If you’re looking for a fun and laidback option that requires minimal prep and cleanup, why not book a paint and sip party at Painting with a Twist?

Our instructors will walk you and your sisters through the process of creating an original piece of “fun” art (not fine art!) while you and your sisters get to know one another better. Find your local Painting with a Twist studio and plan your sisterhood team-building party today!

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