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Calling All “My Little Pony” Fans — Big & Small — for the Perfect Mommy and Me Event

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Calling All “My Little Pony” Fans — Big & Small — for the Perfect Mommy and Me Event

The new My Little Pony movie was released on Netflix September 24th! And if your best girl has fully tapped into the revived nostalgia of your childhood, it’s time to help her embrace it. Whether you’re throwing her a birthday party or joining us for a Mommy and Me event, there are tons of benefits to painting as a family.

Spend Quality Time as a Family

Watching My Little Pony together with your kiddo is an excellent starting point. But painting your favorite characters together brings a more interactive aspect to your My Little Pony experience. Kids nowadays spend an average of four to six hours watching or using screens. Mother-daughter paint nights are a great excuse to unplug and get away from these distractions to better connect with your child.

Promote Creativity and Learning

Aside from being a great bonding activity for the whole family, kids’ paint nights can help your little ones boost their creative skills and foster higher-level thinking. The step-by-step instruction provided in Painting With a Twist’s painting classes engages all five senses, providing a structured way for kids to make decisions, experiment, and explore their imaginations.

Should their pony be pink or blue? What happens if they use two brushes instead of one? Arts and crafts can help kids grasp abstract concepts and introduce them to logical thinking, which they can use in all areas of life.

Improve Coordination

Painting is not only a wonderful way to cultivate critical thinking skills, but it can also help young children develop better hand-eye coordination. Drawing, coloring, and painting require kids to use their left and right hands at the same time. This helps develop bilateral coordination, or the ability to use both sides of the brain for alternating movements at the same time. Dabbing multiple colors of paint on canvas is an excellent way to activate different areas of the brain to enhance this type of coordination.

Hone Fine Motor Skills

In addition to improving coordination, painting can help your kid improve their writing skills. By learning to grasp a paintbrush and fine-tune their paint strokes, your child will also develop the fine motor skills needed to grasp a pencil or pen. After your mother-daughter paint night, your little one’s handwriting is likely to improve, along with their fun art sensibilities.

Paint “My Little Pony” at Painting with a Twist

There are so many benefits to bonding with your kiddo through arts and crafts! And what better way to do that than by going retro and sharing the revived My Little Pony experience you enjoyed as a child? Find your nearest Painting with a Twist studio, and book a My Little Pony painting experience from now through October 31st!

My Little Pony: A New Generation
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