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How to Become a Better Painter

Maybe you’re an amateur art buff who has always admired great artists throughout history. Perhaps you’re just trying to keep up with that five-year-old whose paintings look fit for the Louvre – at least in comparison to yours.

Whatever your reason, when it comes to painting, practice is everything! Start building your skills with these tips on how to become a better painter.

Invest in the necessary supplies.

If you’re committed to becoming a better painter, you’ve got to do a whole lot of painting. And like any new hobby, there are a few start-up costs. Although you don’t need to buy the most expensive paint, the nicest brushes, or the fanciest easel, you do want to make sure your new supplies are of quality.

Take your time when shopping around for materials, and make sure they’re suitable for creating quality artwork. Although good painting tools won’t magically turn you into a better painter, they certainly can make the process more enjoyable and help you to fully accomplish your vision.

Paint every day.

Experts — in any field — don’t become experts because they’re lucky. They become experts because they spend countless hours learning, practicing, and experimenting. So if you’re wondering how to become a better painter, the answer is to paint.

There are no shortcuts to mastery, and there’s no substitute for feeling a paintbrush in your hands or seeing how paint glides onto canvas. So start by setting up a mini art studio in a corner of your home. Then, commit to practicing each day. Whether you’re painting elaborate landscapes on a nice canvas or just trying out new brush skills and techniques on scrap paper — the more you paint, the better.

Do your homework and get inspired by the experts.

There’s no substitute for the hands-on experience of actually painting, but that doesn’t mean background research won’t help you too. Learn the color wheel, read artist biographies, watch painting videos, visit art museums, or just fall down a painting rabbit hole on the internet.

Learn the styles of different artists, and figure out which painting styles you like and dislike. If you’d like to take things to the next level, try joining painting classes near you. The goal is to immerse yourself in the world of art to positively influence your craft.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Experiment, experiment, and experiment some more. Some paintings will look terrible, and others will turn out better than expected. You cannot be afraid of “failure” because it’s this process of experimentation that will make you a better, more confident painter.

Try mixing colors, applying varying amounts of pressure, holding your brush differently, and playing with space and color. Put on music and paint to the rhythm. Try mimicking your favorite painter, and then try doing the opposite. Challenge yourself to paint ordinary objects in extraordinary ways. These are all great tips for stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming more creative.

Get social!

Don’t spend so much time worrying about how to get better at painting that you forget to have fun along the way. You may not think of painting as a social activity, but developing your skills amongst friends and like-minded individuals can boost creativity and bring more enjoyment to your craft.

A Painting with a Twist event is the perfect opportunity to try out your new skills while socializing, sipping an adult beverage, and enjoying a night out with friends. One of our talented artists will guide you through the process step by step, but you’re encouraged to add your own creative flair and test out new painting techniques along the way.

Put your skills to use at Painting with a Twist.

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to put those painting skills to the test! From girls’ nights to Zen Painting events, your local Painting with a Twist studio is sure to have an event that will help take your skills to the next level.

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