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8 Screen-Free Ways to Keep Your Child Creatively Stimulated Over Summer Break

School’s out for the summer – and suddenly, your kiddos have loads of free time on their hands. By the second or third week of summer break, it might seem like there aren’t enough bikes, water balloons, books, and play dates to get you through August without resorting to tons of screen time. Don’t let your family fall victim to “summer brain drain.” Here are eight creative summer activities for kids.

1. Participate in your local library’s summer reading challenge.

Whether your child is a natural bookworm, or they enjoy a little competition, keep their imagination soaring by participating in a summer reading challenge. Head to your local library to see if they’ve got a challenge going on, and sign your little one up.

If your local library doesn’t have a reading challenge in the works, check out your online options. Keep your child motivated by offering prizes for meeting reading goals and scheduling regular family library outings to stock up on new books.

Pro tip: If you typically try to point your child toward educational books, relax a bit during the summer. Let them discover the joys of pleasure reading!

2. Have a good old-fashioned lemonade stand.

Lemonade stands have become a lost art. This summer, help your child set up their own lemonade stand (or cookie or snow cone or juice stand) so they can sell treats to the neighborhood. Not only does this get them outside and off the screen, it’s also a great opportunity to teach them about money, marketing, and customer service!

Pro tip: Lemonade stands are not legal in every state. Check your local laws before engaging in this activity.

3. Collect cardboard boxes and craft a cardboard castle.

Don’t toss out those Amazon boxes just yet! Start collecting them now and get ready for some exciting summer creative activities. Challenge your child to build a cardboard fort, or any cardboard structure they’re inspired to create. Provide paint, stickers, markers, and other dollar store supplies to decorate their masterpiece.

4. Go “camping” in the backyard or living room.

Camping is a quintessential summer activity, but you don’t have to pack up the car or sacrifice indoor plumbing to get the experience. Pitch a tent in the backyard or roll sleeping bags out onto the living room floor. Then, go “camping” as a family. Make s’mores, play flashlight tag, tell ghost stories, and star gaze. With a little planning and creativity, you can make your backyard feel like a wondrously secluded campsite.

5. Make a family time capsule.

No one understands how quickly time flies more than a parent. You’ll never get this summer back, and one day you’ll look back on these days with fond nostalgia. Challenge your kids to find mementos and souvenirs to put in a family time capsule. Have them write letters and draw pictures to their future selves. Together, agree on a date for opening the time capsule (whether it’s in one year or a decade).

6. Create masterpieces at Painting with a Twist!

When your child lets their creativity flow, they’re also processing feelings, finding innovative approaches to life, developing their imagination, and cultivating their own uniquene personality. At Painting with a Twist’s Summer Camps and Kids Classes, they’ll get the chance to do all of these things while developing a new skill and making friends! Find a Kids Camp near you, and give your child the ultimate creative kids summer.

7. Go on a mini road trip.

It’s easy to overlook many of the exciting things that are happening close to home. Take your child on a mini road trip to the next town over, and play tourist together. Observe the location and landscapes with fresh eyes, explore local parks, museums, pools, and any other tourist “hot spot” you can find. Your child will love the change of scenery, and you may even find a renewed appreciation for where you live!

8. Deliver some “for no reason” summer care packages.

It’s always fun to make someone smile! This summer, help your child create care packages for a neighbor, relative, or friend who could use a little pick-me-up. Bake cookies, pick flowers, or create homemade cards together. Let your child decide take the reins when deciding what to add to their summer care package. Once everything is complete, take them to deliver their thoughtful treats and goodies. Your kiddo is sure to learn a little more about empathy and how pleasant it is to make a person’s day.

Enjoy a Creative Kid Summer at Painting with a Twist!

Why not ensure both childcare and creative stimulation for your kiddos this summer? By having your child join a Painting with a Twist’s Summer Kid’s Camp, you can do it all. Keep your children creatively stimulated this summer break as they make new friends and explore everything their imagination has to offer. Sign up today at a Painting with a Twist near you!

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