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Art Spotlight: Holiday Artwork

Art Spotlights

Art Spotlight: Holiday Artwork

We have over 11,000 pieces of custom artwork in our art library. It’s only natural that we would have a variety of holiday artwork to delight anyone. Modern, fun, rustic, customizable, kid-friendly… you name it and we’ve got it. Here we break down some of our favorite and most popular Christmas paintings.

Christmas Hydrangeas

Christmas Hydrangeas is a piece of holiday artwork that came to us from the Painting with a Twist studio located in Charlotte, NC. As a spin on the classic and most popular painting called “Happy Hydrangeas,” we love this one! White hydrangeas are complemented by a few twigs of holly berries in each jar. It couldn’t be cuter. If you are interested in painting “Christmas Hydrangeas” then please click here.

Christmas Hydrangeas by Painting with a Twist

 Slay Bells

This holiday artwork inspires a fierceness in our hearts. An artist from Painting with a Twist in Round Rock – Austin, TX was feeling some kind of way when they submitted this to our art library.  Upon seeing it, you may already be humming a certain Beyonce song in your head. Throw on a fabulous pair of shoes, grab the girls, and pour a glass of wine at your local studio for a festive night out. If you are interested in painting “Slay Bells” then please click here.

Slay Bells by Painting with a Twist

 Rustic Reindeer Set

This season’s holiday date night wouldn’t be complete without a farmhouse chic painting to go with it. This gorgeous piece of holiday artwork was submitted by Painting with a Twist in San Antonio – The Forum, TX.  “Rustic Reindeer Set” makes the perfect date night painting.  Hang it as a single painting or combine the two paintings for the beginnings of a gallery wall! If you are interested in painting “Rustic Reindeer Set” then please click here.

Rustic Reindeer Set by Painting with a Twist

 Fancy Monogrammed Ornament

Cute, quirky, and customizable! This cute ornament’s playful look is sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit. The painting is brought to you by Painting with a Twist in North Little Rock, AR. Our artists will take you step by step through the swirly letters of your initials to make sure your painting is adorable and ready to hang! If you’re interested in painting “Fancy Monogrammed Ornament” then please click here.

Fancy Monogrammed Ornament by Painting with a Twist

 You Melt Me

Painting with a Twist in Knoxville- Farragut, TN was spot on with the title of this holiday artwork. Our hearts really do melt at the sight of these two snowmen romantically basking in the snowy moon rays. The pink scarf and headphones are the cherry on top that makes this painting a holiday favorite. If you’re interested in painting “You Melt Me” then please click here.

You Melt Me by Painting with a Twist
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