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Art Spotlights

Channel Your Inner Twister With These Fun & Inspiring Paintings

Is your inner creativity in need of a little spark? Then it’s time to join your fellow Twisters at your local Painting with a Twist studio for a fun and inspiring paint and sip event! Whether you’ve never touched a brush in your life or you consider yourself an experienced artist, these paintings are sure to help you channel your inner Twister and leave you feeling creative and inspired!

A New Day

No matter what life throws at you, there’s always the guarantee that tomorrow is a new day. A new day means a fresh start, a new beginning, and new opportunities — and that’s exactly the kind of vibes you’ll get when painting A New Day!

With soft blues, oranges, and reds, this inspiring painting helps invoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and hope. The scenic mountain landscape provides plenty of opportunities to be unique. After all, there’s practically no wrong way to paint a mountain!

A New Day leaves plenty of room for your own creative choices. Give your painting more sunlight, fewer clouds, taller mountains, more stars, or even some calmer water. This landscape painting’s soft hues make it a great focal point in any room in your house.

A New Day Painting


Are you inspired by the night sky? Bottle up the moon and stars and bring them home with you with our Moonshine painting! With darker blues, deep greens, and bright whites and yellows, Moonshine is a perfectly inspiring painting for any stargazer or moon lover.

The large canvas and simple design afford you plenty of room to get creative. Add more twinkles, brighten up the greenery, paint the moon twice as big, or add as many stars as it takes to leave you with that inspired feeling!

Hang your Moonshine painting somewhere with lots of natural light to help get the most from the deep, rich blues and greens. A bedroom or bathroom is the perfect place to admire your homage to the beautiful night sky!

Moonshine painting

To the Moon and Back

Are you looking for more whimsy in your night sky-themed painting? Unleash your inner Twister with the oh-so-adorable To the Moon and Back painting. This painting features the more traditional 16×20 canvas and offers lots of opportunity for your own creative touches.

Beautiful white stars and a soft blue-gray moon pop out at you from a deep, black background, and the words are your chance to add your personal handwritten touch to your painting.

If the notion of putting brush to canvas scares you, To the Moon and Back is the painting for you. There’s no need to fear mess-ups and accidents. First, there are never any accidents in fun art! Second, even if you do find yourself wishing for an undo button, the black background provides a very forgiving foundation to work with. Don’t like one of the stars you painted? Go back over it with more black! Does the space between letters seem off? Cover them up and try again!

With its playful tones and heartwarming message, To the Moon and Back is sure to leave you feeling inspired — no matter if you plan on hanging your painting in your home or giving it to your significant other!

To the Moon & Back Painting

Dream Castle

Are you a wishful thinker? Do you often find yourself daydreaming about your own fairytale story? Use your paintbrush to capture those inspirational feelings in this Dream Castle painting. Bright, starry yellows sit on top of deep hues of blue and black, making this painting come to life and fill your imagination with magic and inspiration!

Dream Castle is your chance to let loose and have some fun with your inspirational painting. Make your shooting stars bigger, your castle brighter, the water bluer, or fill the sky with endless amounts of stars.

With the dot painting technique, it’s easy to make your castle as grand or as simple as you’d like. And with your choice of a traditional canvas or a wood board, you can make this painting uniquely yours down to the last dotted brush stroke. Hang your Dream Castle painting anywhere in your home where you could use a little more inspiration — be it your home office, the kitchen, or your family room.

Dream Castle Painting

Ready to Get Inspired? Join a Paint & Sip Event Near You!

Is your inner Twister longing to let loose a little creativity? Check out these and other inspiring painting events at your local Painting with a Twist studio! From twinkly castles and star-filled galaxies to beautiful landscapes, you can find an in-studio or virtual Twist at Home paint and sip event that’s sure to appeal to your creative side and leave you feeling inspired!

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