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9 Fun Things to Do with Mom for Mother’s Day

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9 Fun Things to Do with Mom for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day celebrates the moms and maternal figures in our lives. Not only do we show them appreciation throughout the year, but we use this particular holiday to really drive our love and adoration home.

Instead of opting for the great, yet repetitive methods of celebration (i.e., brunch at overcrowded restaurants and movie dates), why not present them with the gift of a unique experience? If you really want to know how to surprise your mom this year, use these fabulous ideas!

1. Sample Wine at a Vineyard

At Painting with a Twist, we believe you can never have too much wine. What better way to hone in on the Moscato and Cab spirit than by taking her to sample the greatest wines your local vineyard has to offer?

Drive out to the countryside, breathe in the sweet aromas of delectable Pinot’s, and before you leave, grab a few of her favorites so she can enjoy them time and again. And if your mom isn’t into the wine scene, try taking her to a local craft brewery or fancy tea tasting instead.

2. Take a Road Trip

Pack up the car, let down the sunroof, and escape away to a marvelous destination! When it comes to fun things to do with your mom, road trips definitely take the cake. You’ll stop and admire the sights, do a little shopping, and most of all, spend quality time while making lasting memories.

From day-long road trips to weekend getaways, your mom is sure to appreciate the new, wild adventure of beautiful sunsets and time spent with her best creation — you! Some excellent spring and summer road trips are:

Pacific Coast Highway

Long Island Wine Trails

Going-to-the-Sun-Road in Montana

Blue Ridge Parkway

Route 66

Texas Hill Country

U.S 1, Florida Keys

3. Take Her on a Picnic Brunch

Want to show your mom how much thought you put into planning the best Mother’s Day ever? Skip long wait times and reservations at jam-packed brunch spots, and put a spin on it this year. Pack up her favorite dishes, grab a few cozy picnic blankets, and enjoy a lovely Sunday afternoon at a nearby park.

4. Volunteer

Not only is your mom passionate about her offspring, but she’s likely to be enthusiastic about various social issues too. Find a volunteer opportunity that suits her beliefs, and get out to join the world of change! Whether it’s volunteering at a local women’s shelter or a Special Olympics event, there’s sure to be a cause that will fill her heart with joy and unyielding gratitude this Mother’s Day.

5. Throw a Party

To truly celebrate the best mother in the world, why not throw a party in her honor? And if you’d like to celebrate all the moms in your life at once, this is a great way to do it! Break out the wine, “Happy Mother’s Day” banners, fancy charcuterie boards, and throw a bash to remember! From backyard paint parties to hosting your own Mother’s Day brunch, the options are endless.

6. Book a Spa Day

A traditional spa day is not to be overlooked this Mother’s day. Help mom relieve some tension and escape the woes of daily life with a relaxing spa trip catered to self-care. Whether you’re funding her new haircut, a relaxing massage, or mani-pedis, this is a great way to make her feel fabulous.

But if you’re on a budget and looking for fun things to do with your mom inside, opt for an at-home spa day. Run her a nice bath with fragrant bath bombs and candles, paint her nails, upgrade her hair-do, and make her a relaxing meal with tasty champagnaritas to seal the deal. She’ll enjoy the time and effort you’ve spent in making her feel like the greatest mother on Earth.

7. Go to a live show

Take mom to enjoy shows with world-class casts for prices within your budget. If she likes a good comedy show, see if her favorite comedian is in town. If she is a woman of the arts, why not take her to a nice play or ballet? Use these ideas on how to surprise your mom with a magnificent live show:






8. Explore the Great Outdoors

If you’re fortunate to have a mom that enjoys being active and escaping to the great outdoors, there’s nowhere near a shortage of fun things to do with your mom. Choose a creative outdoor activity nearby that fits your mom’s personality, and enjoy a day of laughter and glory sweat with the mother of the year. Here are some ideas:

Horseback Riding

Botanical Gardens



Berry Picking



9. Join a Mother’s Day Painting with a Twist Event

When searching for fun things to do with your mom this holiday, there’s nothing better than bringing her to a Mother’s Day Painting with a Twist event! She can let her hair down, paint, sip, and enjoy a beautiful time with you along the way. Join an event near you and take home lasting paintings and memories this Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Painting Event
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