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Throw the Ultimate Summer Bash with These 9 Dress-Up Theme Ideas!

Are you ready to plan the ultimate summer bash but have no idea which themes are in-trend this year? Become the host with the mostess with these exciting party themes that are sure to wow your RSVPs!

1. Come As You Were Party

The decades always make for good party dress-up themes! Relive the good ole days and dress up in the style of the decade you grew up in. For extra fun, have each guest bring a photo from their early days as a ticket to the party.

Want to put a twist on your decade event? Put everyone’s knowledge of the eras to the test and host a trivia night at Painting with a Twist! Leave the planning to the paint experts. All you need to focus on is what drinks and snacks you want and which friends you’d like to invite! So slip on some bell-bottoms or dig that tube top out from the back of your closet and get ready for a good time!

2. Roaring 20s Soiree

A Roaring 20s themed party is one of the dress-up theme ideas that will never go out of style. Sequined flapper dresses and sharp suits, champagne in coupe glasses, and Art Deco decor — everyone loves the glitz and glam of the 1920s! Hire a bartender to mix up the era’s most popular prohibited cocktails and dance the night away.

3. Summer Fiesta

A fiesta is the perfect summer party theme! And it’s super easy to pull off. All you need is a taco bar, skinny margaritas, and colorful decorations. A piñata is never a bad idea, either. To stick to theme party ideas for adults, fill the piñata with mini bottles in lieu of candy.

Taco Bar Checklist:

  • Tortillas (flour and corn)
  • Hard taco shells
  • Meat (pulled chicken, fajita beef, pork carnitas, ground beef)
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Cotija cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Cilantro
  • Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Queso
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Tortilla chips

4. Netflix & Chill Social

Host the movie night of the summer! Set up a projector in your backyard and provide pillows and blankets for everyone to relax on as they watch. Plan a themed marathon, pick an old favorite everyone loves, or let your guests vote before the big night.

Ask guests to dress up as their favorite television or movie character or keep the dress code cozy with loungewear sets or favorite pajamas. Hand out movie-theater-style boxes or candy and pop popcorn in a classic red popcorn machine.

5. What’s Your Sign? Party

Your horoscope says there’s a fun party in your future! Want more fun party themes for adults that are out of this world? Think big — like outer space big — and throw an astrology-themed soirée. For party outfit themes, how about glow-in-the-dark, neon, or something glittery to represent the night sky?

Hang twinkle lights on your patio, play star-sign-themed charades, and have fun with other zodiac-themed party ideas. After the sun sets, turn off the lights and stargaze. Can you spot your star sign?

6.A Formal Affair

Want to throw a fancy dress-up party but are short on ideas for formal dress party themes? We’ve got you covered with some Oscar-worthy dinner party themes.

Throughout the night, play a game of Who Am I? Tag everyone on their back with the name of a celebrity as they come in the door and ask yes or no questions to guess who. Be sure everyone dresses for the red carpet and set up a photo booth wall for the paparazzi. Create an elegant tablescape for your three-course meal with crystal votives and a floral garland table runner. Check out these menu ideas:

Menu 1:

  1. Arugula salad with watermelon and feta + balsamic vinaigrette
  2. Dijon roasted pork tenderloin + garlic sauteed green beans
  3. Strawberry shortcake

Menu 2:

  1. Spinach salad with strawberries, gorgonzola, and candied pecans + poppyseed dressing
  2. Herb and lemon roasted chicken + sautéed carrots
  3. Chocolate pudding with homemade whipped cream

Menu 3:

  1. Caprese salad
  2. Ricotta ravioli with pesto sauce
  3. Brownie with vanilla ice cream

7. Kentucky Derby Garden Party

Sip on summery iced teas and lemonades infused with peach, mint, blueberry, or lemon. Provide a few boozy options by mixing in lemon or sweet tea flavored vodkas. But don’t forget the food! Serve traditional tea party bites like cucumber, chicken salad, and pimento cheese sandwiches. Include fruit with yogurt dip and crudites with a homemade green goddess dip. Wear your best sundress and Derby-worthy hat.

Kick a classic garden party up a notch with a Twist at Home Paint Kit! Set up an outdoor “studio” with everything you need for the ultimate backyard paint party. Remind guests to bring an apron so they don’t get paint on their favorite articles of clothing.

8. White Linen Ice Cream Social

I scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice cream social! Cool things off with all the frozen treats this season. Set up an ice cream sundae bar so guests can build their ideal summer treat. Include sweet, sour, fruity, and salty toppings like fudge sauce, crushed candy bars, rainbow sprinkles, gummy worms, nuts, and chopped fruit. Serve dairy-free flavors and fruit pops, too. As far as dress-up themes, go for a summer classic: a white linen party! You can even host it alongside a private paint party (but maybe change the dress code).

9. Backyard Luau

Invite your friends to don their best Hawaiian shirts and join you for a pig roast! Or maybe a “pig roast.” Throw pork chops and ribs on the grill along with barbecue chicken or burgers for added variety.

Mix up tropical cocktails like piña coladas and Mai Tais and serve sides like potato salad and grilled corn — don’t forget the watermelon! Decorate with tiki torches and tropical flowers, and make sure every guest gets a lei when they arrive. You can even turn it into a pool party if you’d like to kick it up a notch.

Throw the Ultimate Summer Bash with Painting with a Twist

Throw the ultimate paint party this summer! Choose a Twist at Home event from a Painting with a Twist studio near you. We’ll ship the painting supplies straight to your door, and everyone at your painting party is sure to have a blast creating their very own works of art!

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