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Make Summer Family Fun with These Activities

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Make Summer Family Fun with These Activities

Most kids anxiously await school being out for the summer, only to find themselves wondering, “What now?” Summer boredom is a very real, very common condition for kids on break. This means that you, the lucky parent, have the divine duty of keeping them entertained!

If you’re looking for creative new ways to keep the boredom at bay and fantastic experiences at an all-time high, Painting with a Twist is here to save the day. Combat summer blues this season with these awesome summer activities for kids!

Build an Obstacle Course

Is everyone somehow bored of their scooters, hula-hoops, trampolines, soccer nets, sidewalk chalk, and other outdoor toys? Give them new life by using them in a massive, homemade obstacle course! Create a set of rules (for example, everyone must ride down the driveway via scooter, do ten jump ropes, three cartwheels, run around the house, kick the soccer ball into the net, and ride the scooter back). Map it out with your sidewalk chalk, and see who can do it in the fastest time. You can come up with countless “obstacles” to add as you go along!

Volunteer as a Family

Get out of the house, bond as a family, meet new people, and have fun… all while giving back to your community! Volunteering is truly one of the best summer activities for kids. Food banks and meal centers are often looking for volunteers to pack up or serve food. Kids can write and decorate cards for local nursing homes and hospitals. Serving at a local park clean-up event or working at a community garden are great ways to enjoy the sunshine while giving back. The entire family will feel good when doing something for others.

Go on a Road Trip

You don’t need to plan an extensive 12-hour trip to the beach (unless you want to, of course!). Even planning a mini-road trip to get away for a day is an excellent way to mix things up. Picnic and hike at a national park a couple of hours away, explore a small town you’ve never been to, or visit family for a weekend. A change of scenery can work wonders at alleviating boredom, and it certainly doesn’t have to break the bank.

Sign Them Up for Kids Camp (with a Twist!)

Kids camp

Let your child embrace their creative side with a summer camp unlike all the rest! At a Painting with a Twist’s Kids Camp, your child will create a new work of art every single day with the guidance of one of our talented artists.

Most importantly, everything is done in a fun, relaxing setting. Your kiddo will socialize with other children, enjoy a snack, take pride in making an awesome piece of artwork, and learn a brand new skill.

Set Up an Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Let’s be real: most fun family things to do in the summer involve ice cream in some way. Gather the family – or go all out by inviting friends and neighbors – and have an outdoor ice cream social. Load up a table with all the toppings you can fathom (think chocolates, candies, fruits, sauces, nuts, and even cereals!) and let everyone go wild while making their one-of-a-kind ice cream concoctions. The sugar crash will be totally worth it.

For ideas to boost your child’s creativity beyond dessert making, check out these fun arts and crafts ideas!

Go Backyard Camping


Camping is always a fun thing to do with kids during summer break, but you don’t have to travel to a campsite (or forgo indoor plumbing) to do it. Grab a book of ghost stories from the library, pack a picnic dinner, and pitch a tent in the backyard to create an unforgettable night for your kids. You can make s’mores, stargaze, and enjoy all the fun stuff camping has to offer, all without leaving the comfort of home.

Explore a New Museum

By the fourth week of sky-high temperatures, you might be running out of indoor things to do with kids during summer. Branch out! Drive an extra half hour, and spend the day exploring that brand-new-to-you museum a few towns over. You can easily make a day out of it, and your kids will be entertained by brand new activities and exhibits.

Plan a Summer Reading Challenge

Your local public library may have a free summer reading challenge (and various other free activities for kids during summer, for that matter). If not, you can find a ton of ideas and outlines online! Challenge your kids to read a certain number of books, pages, or chapters, and offer rewards like special outings, meals, or prizes for hitting specific goals. Don’t worry if they don’t choose the most educational or enriching books during the challenge. Reading goofy, lighthearted books are all part of the summer fun.

Enjoy Summer at Painting with a Twist!

Now that you’re armed with the cool activities needed to stave off summer boredom, visit your local Painting with a Twist studio for summer kids camp locations near you. Your preschoolers, tweens, and teens can let their creativity shine as they build new friendships and create their own works of art. Talk about a stellar summer activity!

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