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6 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day From Afar

Moms are special, and yours is the best in the world. Every year for Mother’s Day, you drape her in gifts, go out for brunch, and you may have crafted homemade cards and little treasures for her when you were younger, too. But what do you do when you can’t be by your mom’s side on this momentous occasion?

Whether your mother lives across the country or on an entirely different continent, it’s possible to show her how much you love, adore, and respect her commitment to you as a parent.

Here are a few epic ways to celebrate Mother’s Day from afar.

1. Send her to a spa.

If you can’t be there in person to pamper your mom yourself, why not give her some professional pampering? If your mom regularly goes to get her nails done or enjoys facials and massages, contact a salon near her and arrange to pay for her next session in advance.

She’ll be pleasantly surprised at your thoughtfulness when she goes in for her next spa day. If you can’t arrange to prepay, a gift card to her favorite place is also a great way to wish her a happy Mother’s Day from far away.

2. Have flowers and chocolates delivered to her door.

Another great way to show your long-distance mom you’re thinking about her on Mother’s day is to send her some fresh flowers and yummy chocolates. A bouquet of her favorite flowers, bursting with spring color, is sure to brighten her day and bring a smile to her face. Indulgent chocolates will send her on an endorphin high that’ll have her smiling from ear to ear.

If your mother is a bit of a gardener herself, sending seeds for flowers or herbs that she loves to grow is a thoughtful gift she can enjoy even after Mother’s Day is over.

3. Craft a handmade card.

If you want to get a little creative with your Mother’s Day gift, consider sending her a handmade card. Everyone loves the thought and effort behind a handmade craft, and moms especially love getting correspondence from their children. That joy at the mailbox is sure to grow exponentially when she sees that you took the time to handcraft the card yourself.

You might include a photo of the two of you together, creating a gift that she’ll be able to cherish and display for years to come. And if you have little ones yourself, get them involved in the crafting process. After all, the only people a mom loves more than her own kids are her grandkids!

4. Paint artwork together — virtually.

If your mom is artistic herself, you might also consider doing something creative together—even if you can only spend time with one another virtually. Painting with a Twist offers Twist at Home Paint Kits that allow you and your mom to spend quality time together as you explore your artistic sides. You can both pick up the same kit at the studio nearest you (or curbside), open a bottle of wine on each end of your virtual painting session, and enjoy a relaxing Mother’s Day long-distance.

5. Sign her up for a subscription package.

If you want to take things the extra mile this Mother’s Day, consider signing your mom up for a monthly (or quarterly) subscription package. There are many great options to choose from, including perfume and jewelry boxes, fitness kits, wine bundles, and more. Just make sure to choose a subscription package that fits her needs, hobbies, and personality! She’ll remember your thoughtfulness and effort every time a new box is left on her doorstep.

6. Plan a surprise visit.

While sending your mom Mother’s Day gifts when you live far away is a wonderful way to show her you love her, imagine the joy on her face if you were to deliver those gifts in person.

Consider taking a road trip or booking a flight to wherever she lives, and show up on her doorstep with a gift in hand. And if you are able to visit her in person, that means you can replace virtual quality time with quality time in real life. You can visit that spa together or go in-person to an in-studio Mother’s Day Painting with a Twist event — making memories that will last a lifetime.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Painting with a Twist

Want to make your long-distant mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day? Why not spend time bonding, painting, and sipping with a Twist at Home Paint Kit? Most of our studios across the country offer Twist at Home Paint Kits, which you and your mom can pick up from inside the studio or curbside! Then, you can make a memorable experience out of spending quality virtual time with the best mother in the world.

Find a Painting with a Twist near you (and your mom) today!

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