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14 Days of Love: Valentine’s Day Countdown Ideas

Feel like you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day in every imaginable way possible—dinners, movies, flowers, etc.? We’ve got a few ideas that’ll have your significant other swooning with affection and appreciation, regardless of their love language. Get started with this 14-day love challenge, and make Valentine’s 2022 one for the books!

What is 14 Days of Love?

14 Days of Love is a Valentine’s countdown. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day (February 1st through February 14th), gift your loved one with a present or activity that brings them joy. The ideas you choose don’t need to be expensive. Just make sure they’re thoughtful and specific to your partner’s personality, preferences, and hobbies.

Love Notes

Love notes are tried and true. And for a partner who loves verbal affirmations, a detailed letter outlining the depths of your affection is a surefire way to make them feel extra special. Explain what you love about your partner and tell them all the things you look forward to in the relationship. Get detailed. Get cringey. And most of all, get hopelessly romantic.

Your partner and your love are unique. Here are a few different ways to personalize your love note.

1. Handwritten Valentine: Boos or beaus who prefer traditional vows of affection might enjoy a handwritten, old-fashioned valentine note. Deck your letter with red and white hearts and line it with elegant white lace.

2. Thoughtful texts: If your significant other prefers more modern forms of affection, consider sending them romantic texts throughout your 14 days of love.

3. Valentine’s crossword: Got an S.O who swoons for a bit of wordplay? Sweep them off their feet with a homemade Valentine’s crossword puzzle.

Quality Time

A Valentine’s Day date is usually the pinnacle of any Valentine’s Day celebration. This year though, get creative with how you spend time with your loved one. In the days leading up to Valentine’s, try doing things that are tailored to you as a couple.

Maybe you’re the “swole” couple that everyone envies. In which case, dropping by a fitness convention may be the ultimate date idea. Or perhaps, you and your partner champion yourselves as foodies. Why not try a dining in the dark experience or cooking class? Whatever activities you choose, get creative, and ensure they’re something you and your S.O. will enjoy!

Fill your Valentine’s calendar with a few more of these romantic ideas:

4. Go for a treat: Spoil your loved one with their favorite treat, whether that’s a coffee, ice cream sundaes, or a cocktail.

5. Take a hike: Nothing says love like a sweaty hike with a miraculous view. If your partner enjoys the greater outdoors, plan a nature hike at a local park or trail.

6. Stimulate their artistic side: For artsy boos and beaus, surprise your partner with concert tickets, take them to their favorite museum, or stimulate some love hormones with a couple’s paint night.

7. Take a short trip: Nothing says romance like a baecation getaway. Book a trip to a local bed and breakfast so the two of you can enjoy some quality alone time.

Acts of Service

One of the best ways to show love to your partner is to undertake thoughtful tasks that will both brighten their day and free up their time. Seek out things on their to-do list, and present them with the finished product. These acts can be small, but they’ll definitely be appreciated.

8. Bring them coffee in bed: Get up a little early, and surprise your lover with morning coffee in bed. For bonus points, make a full breakfast!

9. Clean the house: Take over some of their household chores, like cleaning up rooms around the house, mowing the lawn, or even something as simple as making the bed.

10. Give them some alone time: This might seem odd, but often a quiet night in—alone—is what your partner may appreciate most. Clear the house of kids and pets, and let your S.O. bask in the serenity of silence.

Give a Gift

Gift-giving is the hallmark of Valentine’s Day. Instead of sticking to more traditional items like chocolate, flowers, and teddy bears throughout your Valentine’s countdown (although these are never a bad idea!), try expanding your repertoire by presenting your S.O. with gifts specific to the relationship.

Here are a few ideas:

11. Personalized playlists: Create a playlist of their favorite songs or curate tracks that take them on a stroll down memory lane.

12. Books: If the love of your life is an esteemed bookworm, this one’s a no-brainer. Get them that book they’ve been eyeing at the bookshop, or purchase them a gift card from their favorite bookstore.

13. Homemade coupons: Write them a handwritten coupon for something they need or want. And if you’d like to make this gift extra special, try making a romantic coupon book full of thoughtful offers instead.

14. Massage: Life can be stressful, so spoil the one you love with a massage or an at-home spa day that will help make all that tension disappear. Want to take your 14 days of love up a notch? Bring your partner to a Date Night event at your local Painting with a Twist studio! They’ll enjoy sipping, painting, and spending quality time with their favorite Valentine! Book an event today, and your boo or beau will feel all the time, effort, and passion you’ve put into making this Valentine’s Day one for the books!

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